Best WFH day ever

I finally hit the jackpot with my sunrises yesterday. I’ve struck out lately with rain or too much cloud, but I scored a breathtaking one this time around.

You can tell it’s going to be good when scarlet streaks start appearing in the sky just after 6am.

When we see those streaks, we race through the darkness to the Avalon headland to watch the magic unfold.

DD is in charge of procuring coffee from the nearby van as he sees more sunrises than me. Then we perch on an old tree branch together to admire and photograph the spectacle.

Here’s the progression of yesterday’s natural masterpiece. I swear, no filter. (I’ve run the pics in reverse so the golden final one appears biggest in the gallery.)

Afterwards, we headed back to DD’s place and he made me scrambled eggs and a piccolo for brekkie. It’s been a long time since anyone made me breakfast who wasn’t paid to do it. I felt very pampered.

Then I tapped away for the morning, writing various articles for work before talking DD into celebrating the first day of winter by having a swim in the ocean. DD was very not keen, but grudgingly agreed to freeze his butt off.

How could we not go swimming when it was 21C out of the water and 20C in it on June 1? Bilgola Beach was glorious. Not a lot of wave action, but I was thrilled to bob around in the clear water and not get caught in any scary rips.

On our way home we got some Thai takeaway and ate a quick lunch at DD’s dining table before both getting back to work.

Then I collected the youngest from school and recommenced the working day from my place. Later on, the youngest headed to her dad’s place and the eldest reminded me I’d promised takeaway Chinese for dinner plus some Doctor Who on the couch. My heart sank slightly at the thought of more Asian food, not because I don’t love it, but my heart no longer does. Cue Gaviscon before bedtime. But the stir-fried rice cake with pork and XO sauce was delicious.

The diet starts today. Maybe. Self-restraint isn’t my strength.

And that was my Monday. Pretty fabulous for the first day of a new week. I give it two thumbs up.

Song of the day: Hot Chocolate “You sexy thing”




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