My year in blogging (it was all about the sex)

My brain was a bit fried yesterday, so I was stoked to receive an email from my blogging platform, WordPress, containing HouseGoesHome’s annual report. Phew, I thought, no need to come up with a blog topic for today. Here are some of the highlights … “The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This […]

Spontaneous combustion

I am the opposite of spontaneous. I like order and at least a month’s notice. DD is very spur-of-the-moment in his approach to life. I have no idea how we ended up together. (Actually, I do, RSVP … but anyways …) Case in point: as I sat at my computer working in my sweaty gym […]

Breakfast sucks

What are you having for breakfast this morning? I’m nibbling on pumpkin and goat’s cheese risotto as I write this blog. I got up early and cooked myself a batch – I just couldn’t face more scrambled eggs, they were making me nauseous. While I was laid up after my pre-Christmas surgical procedure, all I could […]

Unexpected joy

I wanted to do boring things yesterday, like shop for groceries and tidy up the house. My fridge is bare and my floors are filthy. But DD wanted to take his family on one of his favourite adventures – the ferry from Palm Beach to Ettalong. And he was keen for me to join the […]

Celebrating Christmas

How does your family celebrate Christmas? It’s traditional for the extended HouseGoesHome clan to kick off their festivities at Balmoral Beach with fish and chips on Christmas Eve. The sporty members of the family hit the sand for beach games while the more sedentary members sip champagne in folding chairs under a nice, shady tree. […]

How the stars celebrated Christmas 2015

How was your Chrissie day? Hope you had an awesome one. I’ll fill you in on all my festivities in the morning. I’m having trouble stringing words together with twins jostling in my belly: my new food baby and Freddie the fibroid. So I’ll just leave you with some celebrity Christmas snaps instead … Merry […]

My mum will be horrified

Remember the eldest writing me a letter that thanked me for being “firm” with her? Well, it’s a selective sort of firm. I have zero tolerance for rudeness, disrespect and cruelty. But I’m pretty much a pushover with everything else. (Case in point: the trapeze in the youngest’s bedroom.) And, when the eldest asked me […]

Chrissie panic time

Always the optimist, I was expecting to be way more mobile by now. But popping heavy-duty pain meds means I’m the total oppposite: I haven’t been able to drive anywhere or get any Christmas prep done. Eeeeeek. So I’m going to try and go drug-free today – well, at least hard stuff – so I […]

So much kindness

People have been sooooo nice to me over the past few days. They’ve left lovely messages on Facebook, my phone and the blog. They’ve offered to help in any way they can. My sister cooked me dinner on Sunday night. My friend Fee dropped a meal over last night and took away all my dirty […]