So much kindness


People have been sooooo nice to me over the past few days.

They’ve left lovely messages on Facebook, my phone and the blog.

They’ve offered to help in any way they can.

My sister cooked me dinner on Sunday night.

My friend Fee dropped a meal over last night and took away all my dirty clothes and towels to wash.

My friend Mel offered to bring me lunch – which I declined because I’m so nauseous – and some special Panadol with codeine that she uses for her migraines that she thought might ease my pain.

DD took me to the doctor yesterday afternoon for some stronger pain medication, but had rush off to take his cousin to the airport, so my friend Alice took me home.

She’s also going to do some grocery shopping for me today.

How nice is all that?

I feel very loved …. I also feel like throwing up and my back is KILLING me for some bizarre reason … But very loved.

Thank you everyone.

Fingers crossed today is a better day. My new pain meds are deliriously strong so I’m a bit gaga, but I’m much more comfortable.

The kids are coming home this afternoon and I’ve promised the youngest we’ll make peppermint bark (a weird, delicious concoction featuring milk chocolate, white chocolate and crushed candy canes – if my version is yummy I’ll blog the recipe).

I also have three more Christmas presents to find before Friday. Eeek.

How’s your festive prep going?





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