Chrissie panic time

Always the optimist, I was expecting to be way more mobile by now. But popping heavy-duty pain meds means I’m the total oppposite: I haven’t been able to drive anywhere or get any Christmas prep done.


So I’m going to try and go drug-free today – well, at least hard stuff – so I can duck to the shops at lunchtime and knock over the last of my tasks.

Except I am DREAMING about “ducking” because there’s nothing quick about one of the tasks: getting a Christmas present for my dad.

What is it about older blokes and being impossible to buy for?

My grandfather was the same – about all I could ever think to get him was Scotch and licorice.

My dad’s favourite things include chocolate almonds, riesling and golf, but there are only so many jars of chocolate almonds you can buy before it starts getting a bit tired.

It’s making me feel a bit like this …


Actually, it’s been feeling like Christmas for adults is a bit gratuitous this year. That long list that must be fulfilled with stuff the person may or may not want or need.

Although I love buying for the kids and it was lots of fun buying little bits and bobs for DD.

DD and I are still new to the Chrissie thing – it’s only our second one and we barely knew each other last year.

This year it’s fraught with protocol issues. Which members of his family should I buy for? Which members of my family should he buy for? Is it too soon to start putting both our names on presents? What sort of signal does that send out to relatives?

We’re still not quite sure.

I think the gift we’re both looking forward to getting is a bit of down time. Between my medical procedure, overseas visitors, DD currently being a solo parent, me being a single mum four days and nights a week, Christmas shopping and various other distractions, there hasn’t been much time to just stop and BREATHE.

But soon we’ll have that chance.

I. Can’t. Wait.

What are your Christmas plans? 



2 thoughts on “Chrissie panic time

  1. I am in Chrissie panic mode when I think about all the things too much. So I tend to not think about them but then I remember the things that need doing (so many things) and I panic again. So then I do some of the things on the list, but there’s just so many things! I too have to buy for my father, was going to make him a photo album but it’s not ready! I’m also working tomorrow and trying to declutter and pack boxes for the big move in January. We’re having people for Christmas and the place looks like a tip. I have major housework to do. I’m sure people will understand if you can’t do Christmas the way you normally would! Go easy on yourself. Good luck at the shops today! PS – when I asked Dad what he wanted, he said, “Just get me a card Darling.”

  2. Starting to hit panic time when still waiting to be paid by 2 clients & have no xmas food… & still a couple of pressies to get

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