My mum will be horrified


Remember the eldest writing me a letter that thanked me for being “firm” with her?

Well, it’s a selective sort of firm.

I have zero tolerance for rudeness, disrespect and cruelty.

But I’m pretty much a pushover with everything else. (Case in point: the trapeze in the youngest’s bedroom.)

And, when the eldest asked me to dye her hair green I said “Sure!!”


I figured it’s the school holidays, green is a Christmassy colour, you’re only young once etc etc

So, during my last sickly stagger to the shops I ducked into Priceline and got a $6 packet of dye.

There was much prior discussion of the green dyeing project prior to my purchase, which the youngest paid no attention to at all … Until she got home from her play date yesterday and saw the packet of dye.

Suddenly she wanted green hair too.

No way, no how said the eldest.

(There’s been a lot of impassioned “She’s copying me!!!!” of late.)

So the youngest wanted blue hair instead.

I barely made it through the first shopping expedition, there was NO WAY I was going again.

So we Googled how to dye hair with food colouring.

And now the youngest has blue hair. Blonde hair is very easy to transform, red hair on the other hand doesn’t tend to show up green very well, so the eldest is a bit miffed.


But still, my mother will kill me.

The Christmas photos! Ruined!

I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve!!! Have a good one everyone – and thank you for an awesome year.

4 thoughts on “My mum will be horrified

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  1. Man you are so brave! I am far too scared of my mum to let my twins do anything to their hair! They are only ten and do have stunning coloured hair but that aside I would seriously say to them if they can convince nannie then sure that would be enough to get them off my back lol.

  2. I think they’ll be great Christmas photos. You’ll look back on them and remember the year, what you were going through and how far you’ve come since then.And you’ll also appreciate how much more flat your stomach is since Freddie’s untimely demise.

  3. Shouldve gone for hair chalk… itsonly overnite & may not have got u in trouble… & i wldv thought ruby more a black hair dye… lol

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