Flashback Friday: the day I saw Alyssa Milano’s boobs


A gossip item popped up at iVillage this week that swept me right back to my Cosmo days. During my tenture as features writer at Cosmopolitan magazine I travelled to Hollywood a few times to organise photo shoots and interviews with celebrities.

Now photo shoots with celebrities don’t come cheap. Well, the celebrities themselves are free but everything else costs a bomb. Shannon Doherty expected a limo to pick her up. The studios – even back then – cost about $1000 a day to hire. Then there was hair, make-up, lighting … And that was just the beginning.

So I convinced my divine fashion editor, Kevin Thompson, that we should self-cater lunch for the stars and crew to keep the costs down. We headed to the local supermarket for a selection of cold cuts and salads and arranged them on the catering table with some plastic plates and rolls so people could DIY sangers.

Hmmmm. Not really the done thing. Many eyebrows were raised. We blanched at our declasse act and resolved to cough up the $500 to $1000 on catering in future … despite the fact that the actresses invariably ate NOTHING because they were trying to remain as skeletal as possible.

But I digress. I have enticed you with the promise of Alyssa Milano’s boobies.

Alyssa Milano would have to be one of the nicest celebrities I’ve had the limited pleasure to work with. She was so down to earth. Nothing was too much trouble. And she was completely unconcerned about stripping off in front of a crowd. Which is how I got to see her boobs in all their glory. And truly glorious it was too. They were magnificent and quite obviously real. I dined out on that story for many a year afterwards at dinner parties. Blokes were entranced. Alyssa is quite warmly regarded by blokes, I’ve discovered.

But the more entertaining aspect of the shoot – for me at least – was hearing the hair and make-up people mutter about Alyssa’s then-co-star in Charmed, Shannen Doherty.

They delighted in telling me that her nickname was “The living Picasso”. I’ll leave it up to you to decide why. Although Alyssa did admit that she may have tilted her head slightly to one side during scenes to try and even things up.

Watching the crew regale each other with Shannen stories gave the distinct impression she wasn’t their favourite actress to work with. By a very looooooong shot.

Ohhh, I’ve just realised that I’ve digressed massively from my opening sentence about being swept back to Cosmo days. The gossip item that time warped me concerned Shannen being asked by “Watch What Happens Live” host Andy Cohen a few years back to say three nice things about Alyssa.  Shannen replied: “she’s pretty, she’s pretty, and she’s pretty.”

When Alyssa was asked the same question on the show this week, and she was much kinder, saying this about Shannen: she’s very family oriented, she’s very smart, and she’s very funny.

And that’s where I’ll leave the Team Alyssa vs Team Shannen discussion.

By the by, I once spent the day with Shannen, too. But that’s a whole other Flashback Friday …

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