The banana dare


I forgot to tell you about a post I wrote over at Village Voices last week. I’ve called it The Banana Dare to appeal to your dirty minds, but its actual name is “3 Ways With Manky Bananas” (I’m thinking that wouldn’t have reeled you in quite as well, right?). For the blog, I’ve done regular stuff with manky bananas like Wholemeal Banana Bread and Banana Choc Chip Cookies, but I’ve also done something really weird with them: Curried Banana Soup. Don’t pretend to gag, it’s delicious. Husband backed up for a second bowl last time I made a batch and then he took some to work for his lunch the next day. It’s a Carribbean-inspired dish that’s exotically tasty. And, like I told the Village Voices readers, I dare you to try it!

Click over to Village Voices for the recipe …

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