Can you imagine anything worse?

Flying around the world for meetings and conferences might sound glamorous, but there are weeks – like this one – when I’m very glad I’m not a FF like DD. I dropped him at the airport on Sunday night for a three-day business trip to London. Shudder. Can you imagine anything worse than spending more […]

Ticking all the boxes

Have I mentioned the eldest wants to be a tattoo artist? She’s done extensive research on the subject, built a model of a tattoo machine so she can get used to the grip, emailed tattoo parlours for tips, established her ethical guidelines for when it’s not OK to tattoo people (such as when they are […]

Slipping through my fingers

I went to my last-ever primary school band spectacular last night. Last. Ever. I’ve been going to primary school band spectaculars for seven years. It had an “Australia” theme, so they played iconic songs between the band performances. One dad thought he’d make the night just that little bit more memorable for the crowd – […]

The things I don’t forget

My brain has permanently deleted vast swathes of my life. My mum and sister were reminiscing during our Hawks Nest holiday about another family trip we took together – all as grown ups – to Noosa. While I knew the holiday happened I hadn’t retained a single detail from it. Not one. My brain does […]

Pile ’em up, up, up

Sooooo, I made a big mistake yesterday. I did my tax return. Doing my tax return should be a good thing, right? But it turns out I owe the government $1800 … which isn’t great news when you’ve just spent $3000 saving your dog’s life. Dammit. Oh, and my car rego and insurance and other […]


I’m not quite sure how I forgot, but I did. I’m about to head off to Luna Park at this ungodly hour for a work function and I totally forgot about writing a blog post. Ah well. I’ll live. You’ll live. I thought I’d better check in though, after being a bit maudlin yesterday. Wouldn’t […]

Waking up alone

I hate waking up alone in my childless house. Hate it. Every second week, I face the silence on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I find the business of living much tougher on those mornings. If you’re parenting seven days a week, you probably fantasise about waking up to an empty house. It would be a […]

I can’t say it

The #metoo movement has been playing on my mind all week, but it’s been sidelined by the fur baby dramas … until now. It’s been amazing to see how many women have joined Alyssa Milano’s viral call to arms to say they’ve been victims of sexual harassment. I don’t have a #metoo story to tell. […]

Paying the price

Charlie the Moodle came home yesterday! Yay! I got such a pleasant surprise when they handed me the $2000 bill. Wow, so “cheap”! I quickly paid it …  then realised it was for Charlie the cat, not Charlie the dog. My anxiety levels started rising (again) as they started printing out the new receipt …. […]

The third year is a charm

DD and I think it’s our third anniversary this week. We’re not sure because we’ve both been so distracted. I’ve had Charlie’s medical dramas, DD’s at the World Lung Cancer Conference. Seriously. Very seriously. I feel terrible that I involuntarily giggled when he told me. There is NOTHING funny about lung cancer, but it’s the […]