The things I don’t forget

My brain has permanently deleted vast swathes of my life. My mum and sister were reminiscing during our Hawks Nest holiday about another family trip we took together – all as grown ups – to Noosa.

While I knew the holiday happened I hadn’t retained a single detail from it. Not one.

My brain does that sort of cruel stuff all the time – it removes whole experiences and people, possibly due to space restrictions.

Mind you, it retains weird things, like an entree I had in the Adelaide Hills 20 years ago – scallops in soy butter … mmmmm. And bad things, like accidentally cutting the tip of the eldest’s thumb off with nail scissors when she was six months old.

It’s also pretty good with fun facts. For most of my life it was a repository for celebrity gossip, but now it’s filled with the ins and outs of the liquor industry.

I went to the drinks association’s annual Chairman’s Drinks last night and it was amazing how many faces I knew in the room (god bless name tags for the rest). I flitted about the place making conversation about beer company takeovers and clever marketing ideas and upcoming awards nights.

But buggered if I can remember how to switch off the alarm at work.

I don’t have a single photo of myself from last night, I was too busy working the room taking snaps of others – a bit of an occupational hazard when you’re the communications manager.

But it was gorgeous being in the Palais Room at Luna Park sipping Jansz sparking as the sun set over the harbour.

And I barely said a thing I regret all night. I spend my whole life doing and saying things I regret. It’s one of the main reasons I have insomnia. Tuesday night was filled with torture about not being strict enough as a mum and the terrible consequences it might have.

But last night I slept like a baby … well, until the possums started fighting in the roof at 5am. I keep forgetting to do something about that …

Just a couple of pics:

Song of the day: Barbra Streisand “The way we were”




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  1. Great pictures Alana. You’ve certainly established yourself in your new industry. Memory or not you leave a ray of light wherever you go. You have no need for regrets or sleepless nights when it comes to your business acumen.

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