My week: facing the cold, hard facts

The past few days have been filled with pics and anecdotes from DD's trip to Chicago. He's been sipping Oregon pinot noir in bars and going to see jazz bands in clubs and generally having an awesome time. Guess how often I've thought "damn, I was almost there too"? Yep ... then times it by... Continue Reading →

The rod for my own back

The very, very funny Pinky Poinker wrote a blog last week that I wish I'd read BEFORE I bought a fox terrier (supposedly crossed with a Maltese, though I can't see even a hint of Maltese in him, I was duped!) Pinky wrote a blog called What Happens When You Replace Your Kids With Dogs and... Continue Reading →

Spontaneous combustion

I am NOT a spontaneous person. Meticulous planning is more my speed. I'm talking booking my holidays a year in advance, planning the week's meals and compiling a rigorously thorough shopping list, pondering destinations to retire 15 years out and choosing my daughter's name a decade before she was born. DD, on the other hand,... Continue Reading →

The love that inextricably entwines us forever

Every day I hear or read another divorce war story. And they are invariably horrible. As Jackie Pilossoph from DivorcedGirlSmiling notes:  "All post-divorce relationships are different. Few are good, even fewer are great, and most of what I see when it comes to couples' post-split relationships is quite honestly, hideous." I wouldn't say mine is... Continue Reading →

I need to detox

My sister texted me yesterday morning around 8am, worried there was something wrong because I hadn't blogged yet. That's the problem with blogging every single freaking day, people think you've fallen under a bus if you don't. The back-end of my site informed me earlier this week that the most popular time of the week... Continue Reading →

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