My week: spicy treats and tracksuit trangressions

My mum took pity on me when I blogged that I couldn’t afford a Bonds tracksuit top from Woolies and sent a text message saying she’d pay for it.

Bless her.

So I hoofed back to discover I wasn’t the only one who’d gone berserk at the prospect of clothes shopping in a supermarket – most of the Bonds stuff was gone, but what was left WAS ON SALE!!!

Ideally I’d have gone for a big, roomy tracksuit top but I settled on the single remaining “S” marked down from $40 to $28 and proceeded to wear it everywhere for the next few days.

I worked from home on Friday and paired it with my Bonds trakkie daks, then couldn’t be bothered to get changed for school pick-up and sauntered into the playground wearing the matching set.

It felt a little wrong to walk through the gates in a Woolies tracksuit, but I think I pulled it off because the weather was shocking and people had other things to worry about than Alana losing the fashion plot.

And that was pretty much the best thing that happened to me this week, other than being treated to a gorgeous dinner at Sake restaurant where I nibbled on lovely stuff like this spicy salmon rice blissfulness …

photo 1 (12)

And this …

photo 3 (10)

(That’s panko-crumbed pork belly I’ll have you know. Mmmmm.)

And took arty photos like this …

photo 2 (13)

As for the rest of the week at HouseGoesHome:

>> On Monday it was all about the Cannes Film Festival Celeb Selfie Ban (don’t get me started on the flat shoe ban).  I also blogged 20 Leftovers Recipes.

>> On Tuesday I asked How Old Do You Feel?  And had a little panic about being three years off 50.

>> On Wednesday I got freaked out about sharing my kids with my ex’s girlfriend, SSF (also causing much speculation about what her allocated blog initials SSF stands for … ).

>> On Thursday I wished I could get my baby back after she received a letter offering her a spot at HIGH SCHOOL.

>> On Friday I revealed my need to digitally detox, leading some followers to believe I’d be radio silent this weekend … nah, it’s AGES away cause I’m a poor single mum. But a girl’s gotta dream.

>> And on Saturday I had a giggle at all the sketches Hollywod celebs have been doing for Red Nose Day.

Over at Kidspot:

>> Watch this little boy battling cancer get his Batman wish in a tearjerker doco trailer.

>>  Nightmare dentist pulled kids’ teeth for no reason.

>> These identical conjoined twins are 1 in 50 million. 

>> Mum charged with murder after diluting her breastmilk (this one went NUTS … quite possibly my highest rating story EVER at Kidspot)

>> Does this kids’ photo shoot go too far? 

>> Glenn and Sara McGrath – our battle to conceive.

How was your week? Why does nobody ever tell me????

Song of the day: Donna Summer “Hot stuff”


6 thoughts on “My week: spicy treats and tracksuit trangressions

Add yours

  1. My week was pretty ordinary, apart from an evening at a friend’s proper home cinema, with electric reclining chairs AND popcorn! I had seen the movie already and had to zip my tongue about the surprise ending so my 7 other cinema-goers could enjoy the show…and THAT was a challenge, waiting 2 hours to discuss the ending!

    To be quite frank, I can’t see the value in adding a $100,000+ extension to your house to watch re-runs of movies that you’ve already seen at the real cinema. But then I go to the movies a lot so that’s probably why a home cinema has no appeal.

    However, this was followed by a road rage incident that had me so concerned, I ran a red light in an attempt to diffuse the situation.

    Problem was the other guy also ran the red from two car lengths back and continued the chase with his crazed passenger hanging out the window hurling abuse and gesticulating wildly at me with his eyes popping out of his head! Did someone mention “ice”?

    Finally, I pointed at the dash cam on my window and the (P-plate!!) driver turned off at the next intersection.

    Normally, I would have just ignored the incident but, with sign writing all over my company car, I thought it wise to report the matter to the Police and inform my Boss. I can feel a Statutory Declaration coming on! 😕

    After waiting over a week for my new motorbike to arrive from Sydney, I was dissappointed to be told that there was another recall on the bike and it wouldn’t be ready for the weekend…bugger!

    I had planned a lovely ride on the Peninsula with breakfast at the Flinders Bakery. Oh well, it’s into the car and off to my favourite Mornington breaky location at the Sober Mule Cafe. I always get confused at what it’s called… Pissed Camel, Drunken Horse? 😂

    A highlight was finding another bunch of former Kotara High School students to include at our 40th Reunion in July at the Merewether Surfhouse. Somehow it has fallen on me to organize this event and I was a bit worried about numbers a couple of weeks ago with only 21 commitments. I revved everyone up on FB, and with e-mails and phone calls whizzing around the country, we hit 44 this week with a good chance of reaching 50! Not bad after 40 years, I reckon!

    Finally, I was VERY annoyed to discover that someone has side-swiped my ute that I park on the street…yes, no note, no nothing, just a big ding on the front RH corner and a broken indicator lense…grrrr!

    That was my week Alana, over and out! 😄

    1. Oh geez, Geoff, that’s quite a week. If I was rich I’d quite love a home cinema. And a pool. And a spa. And some furniture that wasn’t handed down from relatives. Good luck with the reunion, we’re supposed to be having a KHS one in Sept.

  2. Wow! Lucky Geoff had a dashboard cam. What a scary story.

    My week was boring with a sick day on Wednesday to brighten up hump day. I managed to write 10 000 words of my first draft and two blog posts of questionable quality. I ate nothing interesting and someone told me I should get my haircut into a short bob which pinged me off, especially since the person who said it has hair like Prince Valiant. Why can’t older women have long hair? You could write a post about that Alana.

    1. I think your hair suits you Michelle. You wouldn’t look like you with the bob. You are so good with writing your book, I wish I had the stamina for it.

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