I need to detox


My sister texted me yesterday morning around 8am, worried there was something wrong because I hadn’t blogged yet.

That’s the problem with blogging every single freaking day, people think you’ve fallen under a bus if you don’t.

The back-end of my site informed me earlier this week that the most popular time of the week for people to read HouseGoesHome is at 7am on a Monday morning … presumably to check what horrors befell me over the weekend.

And I’m usually pretty religious about posting the blog by 7am so I can get on with the business of the day – feeding dogs and children, getting ready for work, doing drop offs for band and school.

Yesterday I slept in – until 6.45am … my giddy aunt … that’s what happens when you trip the light fantastic until 11.15pm and come home to find the dog’s intestines have malfunctioned all over the Persian rug – and I had NUTHIN in mind for HouseGoesHome.

A blank screen never scares me and I’d rustled up a serviceable post about the eldest getting into high school just after 8am (hampered by another intestinal malfunction clean-up operation).

Fortunately I was home alone – no kids or work – otherwise I’d have been screwed.

But still, it’s not an ideal amount of pressure to be putting on myself 365 days of the year.

So, after propping the idea way back in March, I’m finally getting ready – deep breaths – for a digital detox.

Yep, I’m planning sneaking away for a few days without my iPad while the kids go to visit their grandparents in Albury. I’m thinking three whole days without blogging might be in order.

I’m pretty sure I can do it without blowing into a paper bag.

But I’m wondering if it has to be the Full Monty digital detox … after all, I’ll still have my iPhone with me and I quite love Facebook and Instagram … surely it won’t hurt to take the occasional stickybeak at those?

Or do you think I should go completely cold turkey?

Song of the day: Amy Winehouse “Rehab”



8 thoughts on “I need to detox

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  1. I couldn’t do it. I mean I could do the no blogging thing, that’s a given as you can tell by the number of times I actually update my blog, but I am afraid to say I don’t think I would cope so well without Facebook. As those words left my fingers I cringed.

    1. I’m addicted to it all. I love words soooooo much … and communicating … and keeping up with those dear to me and their lives (without having to do all that annoying talking on the phone)

  2. You can do it…go cold turkey and take a complete break! You’ve pre-warned everyone now- so hopefully you can enjoy the time off without people constantly checking that you’re alright (I have to admit I thought the same thing as your sister when there was no blog yesterday morning…ooh, that’s a bit unusual…hope Alana is OK). A digital detox every now and then is good- the blog/facebook/instagram will all still be there when you get back so just focus on yourself, relax and enjoy your time away. Have fun!

    1. Thanks Natalie. Don’t worry, digital break isn’t for a while yet. I’m just in the planning stages. No mean feat as a single mum with two kids and two dogs and a precarious job.

  3. OK, you have my permission to shelve the Blog for three days! 😉
    As for the rest of digital media, I’m not sure I could do it either. I try not to look at FB on my work phone during the day and it’s REALLY HARD to ignore all those “notifications”! Then you spend an hour in the evening, catching up…

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