Rebel with a cause

My stomach lurched when Rebel Wilson won her defamation trial against Bauer Media yesterday. It was just so huge. I can’t imagine how the editors involved must be feeling, wondering what it means for their futures. The judge won’t decide what damages to award until a later date, but I expect they will be astronomical. […]

He owes you nothing

I should be immune, given my scandalous history, but clickbait can still lure me into its sticky web. Mamamia sent me an email on Saturday entitled: “Karl Stefanovic owes you nothing.” I couldn’t help clicking on the link. It was WORD. Actually, on second glance, it was mainly the heading that was WORD. The article […]

Mother of a weekend

I took on a bit too much over the weekend, which isn’t like me at all. (It’s exactly like me.) I invited my mum and sister along to our local annual fireworks as a pre-Mother’s Day get-together and said I’d cater. Not just bung a few chips in bowls and wedges of cheese on a […]

Oscars madness and sadness

It’s a strange Oscars for me this year. I’m feeling a bit off following the news that Bill Paxton has died. I hung out with him one night at the opening of Planet Hollywood Sydney. He was so lovely. Here’s what I had to say about our meeting in Cosmo magazine: “I spot Bill Paxton […]