I am woman – hear me roar

I’ve been in Newcastle for the weekend collecting the kids, so going to the Women’s March in Sydney didn’t cross my radar as an option. But I’ve been incredibly moved to see how many millions of women – and men – around the world have taken to the streets. It wasn’t just restricted to the […]


How the stars celebrated NYE 2017

Hope you had an awesome NYE. Mine was spur-of-the-moment, as is DD’s way. We scored a last-minute invitation to his friend’s house for a BBQ, before heading to a little beach below Taronga Zoo to watch the midnight fireworks. It was a little surreal hearing chimps screeching as we wandered along the bush track to […]


How the stars celebrated Christmas

This celebrity Christmas post is tinged with sadness because on Christmas Day in the U.K., the world lost George Michael too soon. As I write this there aren’t many details available, but just last month his team wrote on Instagram that he was putting the finishing touches on a documentary to be released in March […]


I believe, I believe, in what she says

My boss asked me recently if I missed editing magazines. Yesssssss. Of course. Very much. And no. I survived some pretty miserable years in that world. Happily, that’s all ancient history … but it doesn’t stop me thinking about what I’d do with a weekly magazine if I got my hands on it. Not that anyone […]