Mother of a weekend

I took on a bit too much over the weekend, which isn’t like me at all.

(It’s exactly like me.)

I invited my mum and sister along to our local annual fireworks as a pre-Mother’s Day get-together and said I’d cater.

Not just bung a few chips in bowls and wedges of cheese on a plate, but actually cook stuff as well. The youngest wanted to make marble cupcakes and bacon & egg tarts and sausage rolls.

So I did the shopping then raced off to get my hair coloured then raced back at 3pm to start cooking … and then had to leave home at 5pm to get to the fireworks to drop the eldest off to play trumpet in her school jazz band …

PANIC!!!!!!!! But I managed to get it all done and this is me pretending to look relaxed with my mum and sister at the event …

We gathered around a picnic rug the youngest had bought for me at her school’s Mother’s Day stall and insisted I open early so I could use it at the fireworks. Bless.

The fireworks were totally fabulous – love, love, love fireworks – a fun time was had by all and not a single bacon & egg tart or sausage roll was left.

Mother’s Day dawned with both kids still in bed as I hooned off to the gym. I checked my emails before I left and thought I’d been sent a virus – something dodgy about being given a $150 food voucher, as if … but it turned out to be my Mother’s Day gift because my ex had forgotten to take the kids shopping in his rush to move house.

Rather extravagant – I hadn’t planned on giving the kids quite that much to spend on his Father’s Day present.

Speaking of gifts, he has an unintentional knack for choosing significant occasions to do significant things. He got the keys to his leaving-me apartment on Valentine’s Day (soooo romantic) and yesterday I dropped the kids to him on Mother’s Day as they prepared to move in with his girlfriend (equally touching).

It’s a bit of an emotional adjustment. But I’ll get there. Life goes on and I’ve got a $150 gift card to toast it.

The rest of Mother’s Day was spent eating bacon and egg rolls at my sister’s place, then heading to the shops to try assemble a less girly school uniform for the eldest (but no one seems to sell school pants in the ugly shade of blue the school favours) and then madly cleaning the house and making zucchini and ham hock soup for dinner (I wouldn’t recommend it, watery, I need to zizz some potato through it to see if it can be saved).

Anyways … here are loads of Instagram snaps of celebrities celebrating Mother’s Day ….

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