I don’t want you to worry

I haven’t got anything to say this morning. I’m tired and coldy and it’s about time I wrote something funny but nothing funny has happened lately.

(Well, nothing I can blog about …)

Despite having absolutely nothing interesting to talk about, I thought I’d better blog regardless, just in case you worried I’d popped my clogs overnight, what with me complaining about heart palpitations and all.

DD insists my heart skipping a beat is no biggie – his does it all the time … and not because he lurves me so much. He told me the medical name for the condition, but I’ve forgotten. (Maybe it’s not just my heart I should be worried about.)

I made him take my pulse just to be sure, but he had trouble finding it – my wrist, arm crook and foot all failed to proffer a proper beat. He was probably starting to worry I was a vampire, what with my ultra-pale skin and preference for rare steak and all, but his fingers finally found one in my neck.

I’ve told him to bring his stethoscope next time. Phwoar. 

My heart takes half a dozen regular beats, followed by an extra beat, a pause, and then a stronger-than-usual beat. One of the Google doctor sites tells me that during the pause, my heart is filling with more blood than normal, which is why the next beat is extra-strong.

It’s been going on for two days and I really want it to stop. It feels horrible.

The last time it happened was five years ago when I was having THE most awful time at work. I ended up on a heart monitor for a day that showed absolutely nothing and made me look like the biggest hypochondriac on the planet. Diagnosis: intense stress and too much Diet Coke.

The palpitations eventually went away. Hopefully they go away this time too.

I’ve been a bit stressed lately, but I’ve had worse – my heart got ripped in half a few years ago and didn’t miss a beat – so I don’t get what’s causing the palpitations this time around.

People have been suggesting coffee, but my heart is still tap dancing 18 hours after my last flat white.

Anyways, have a good weekend. I’m going to rest up, get over my head cold, celebrate Mother’s Day and all that jazz.

Actually, there will be some ACTUAL jazz … I’ll tell you about that on Monday.


Song of the day: Bonnie Tyler “It’s a heartache”




4 thoughts on “I don’t want you to worry

  1. Just remember to breathe! Close eyes, big breathe in and hold 1,2,3. Breathe out 1,2,3 and hold. Repeat for 3 minutes…fixes a whole lot of things! 👍

    Why is “breathe” spelt the same as “breathe”?! Or am I spelling it incorrectly?🤔

    Have a Happy Mother’s Day…I’ll be at 40,000 feet!✈️

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