Oh father

Just a few weeks ago I wrote that I was still really angry with my ex. Well, much like my renovation revelation earlier this week, I realised something almost immediately after I pressed send on that blog post. What I'm actually cranky about is that I'm not angry at him any more. How dare I... Continue Reading →

So much anger

DD is perturbed by how angry I remain with my ex. It's been more than two years since we separated, I'm happily in a new relationship, my life is is filled with lovely things, but the fury still simmers. (I know it's not healthy. The negative feelings are slowly ebbing. Two years isn't really that... Continue Reading →

When the hope dies

During the in-denial early years of my marriage irrevocably falling apart, I saw a movie called Hope Springs. It was about a couple in their 50s - played by Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones - who’ve forgotten how to touch, love or connect with each other. I was quite devastated by Meryl Streep’s abject unhappiness in her... Continue Reading →

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