My birthday boy

I spent months wondering how to make DD’s birthday (today) special. So many plans flitted through my head.

But – as you and Woody Allen both know – if you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.

So nothing turned out quite the way I expected.

Well, one thing did. Actually, it turned out waaaaaaay better than I expected.

I ordered one of his gorgeous sunrise photographs – from Snapfish – as a canvas. When I opened it, I gaped, and thought “I just organised the BEST PRESENT EVER!”

It turned out sooooooo well. The colours are totally amazing.

Go me!

But everything else was a bit of a schmozzle.

First, DD’s ex announced she had a conference so he was on dad duty for the week.

A few ideas went out the window after that.

Then I got an email from my boss to say there was a farewell for one of our workmates last night, when I’d been hoping to celebrate with DD.

Eeeeek. I could only go to the last work farewell for an hour because … I can’t remember why … it was very bad form to pull out of another.

But what to do? When you’re in those early, shiny years birthdays with the boyf are special things.

I also got a call yesterday morning to say my eldest daughter was shivering with a fever in sick bay.

I’d snuck out of the house before dawn to go to a drinks association network breakfast at the SCG, so my ex had popped over at 6.30am to get the kids to school.

She’d seemed perfectly fine the night before.

Fortunately my ex was working from home and could collect her from school. But he had a work meeting last night on the other side of the bridge – he has the kids every Wednesday – so I wanted to drop over and make sure she was OK.

The long and the short of it is that I popped into the Bavarian Bier Cafe for a quick drink, turning down the waitress’ offer of garlic bread because I was scheduled for a birthday snog later, skittered off to my ex’s house in the driving rain to deliver sweet treats and hugs to my sick offspring, met DD ever so briefly for gift giving, then party over.

I feel a bit sad about that because I wanted to make more of a fuss of him.

He deserves a fuss.

He joked in our first few weeks of crazy texting – when he was overseas after our one and only date – that he was under-promising about the joys and wonders that awaited in our future with the intention of over-delivering.

That made me giddy because the under-promising sounded awesome … what would the over-delivering look like????

It looks – and feels – pretty special.

While middle-aged dating is never going to be simple when there are exes and kids involved, the good far outweighs the bad.

And he has definitely over delivered, just like he promised.

I hope he has the most lovely day, celebrating with his family.

I’m also looking forward to seeing where he hangs my awesome gift.

Go me … again!


Song of the day: Marilyn Monroe “Happy birthday Mr [senior vice] President”




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