Time for a change

When my life was feeling a little uncertain last year I borrowed some money from the bank. I told the bank manager it was for home renovations, but it was really to keep me – and the kids – afloat if times got tough.

Now I have a full-time gig I’m thinking I might use the money for that reno after all.

I love planning renovations. My first was at my first house in Petersham when I was in my 20s – I managed to get a new bathroom (including moving the loo inside), French doors onto a deck, a laundry and a new (IKEA) kitchen for $35,000.

Not bad going I reckon. And I almost doubled my money on the place in 5 years.

Next came a block of four asbestos-clad units in Merewether. I did that one remotely from Singapore: new kitchens, bathroom schmick-ups, paint, blinds and a new outdoor staircase for $80,000. Almost doubled our money on that one too.

On our return from Singapore we removed a wall between the lounge room and sunroom at our apartment in Bondi. The ex thought I was mad but he was blown away by the difference it made to the place – and the resale price. I also added another IKEA kitchen, built ins, a schmick paint job and sisal carpet … And we just about doubled our money again in 4 years.

My next renovation wasn’t quite so successful – I moved the kitchen in my last place to the family room and turned the dining room into a guest bedroom. We struggled to get any buyers on that one. Bad divorce juju I reckon.


The pics are from the place BEFORE I moved in … not nearly so tidy now

And now I’m at it again … On an even smaller budget than that very first reno. But it looks like I might just scrape in. I want French doors in the kitchen, a few bits of wall knocked out to create an open-plan kitchen/living area, a door knocked through to make the laundry internal, a butler’s pantry and the cheapest kitchen on the planet.

Oh, and maybe a double-glazed window to block out the traffic noise, if I can afford it.

One of the biggest single expenses will be getting the bloody dogs outsourced so they don’t get underfoot.

I think I can do it! I think builder is starting next month!

I can’t wait to show you the before and after pics.

I am VERY excited.

Lots of people think I’m mad, but I reckon I’ll get a lot of pleasure out of the tweaks I have planned.

They’re just the tip of the iceberg. There’s soooooooo much that could be done around the place – it still has it’s original enamelled over bathroom – but it’s a start.

Stay tuned …

Song of the day: Peter Gabriel “Sledgehammer”

PS I had NO idea Sledgehammer was a song about sex all those years ago, though the sperm at the beginning of the film clip should have been some sort of tip off …


2 thoughts on “Time for a change

  1. Renovations big or small are exciting especially if they will make the space more you and make you happier in how you use the space! I wrote about the changes we made at home and how that has changed the way we use space xoxo

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