dis·card verb \dis-ˈkärd, ˈdis-ˌ\ : to throw (something) away because it is useless or unwanted It's our street's turn for council throw-out and I've been BUSY. This is what my Sunday looked like ... (Trust me, you don't want to see what it looked like around the corner.) It was ACE. No it wasn't, it sucked. Especially... Continue Reading →

I’m not a weirdo

I had an unsettling experience yesterday. I went to my "oh-my-gawd-help-me-through-my-divorce" therapist and hesitantly confessed to spending my entire life feeling like a weirdo. She was marking something called my "schema" at the time - a booklet I'd filled out to identify my patterns of thought and behaviour, so she can pinpoint my emotional triggers.... Continue Reading →

The hunger

My tummy hasn't stopped grumbling since I cut (most of) the comfort eating ... but that's not what this blog is about. I'm hungry in a grab life with both hands way. I want to DEVOUR challenges and experiences and ... well, everything. The urge is so powerful it's almost an ache. And there are only... Continue Reading →

Who am I?

Two years ago I wrote a blog called "Who were you in your 20s?" It started with the admission that "I wasn't quite sure" who I was back then. Which is ironic considering I'm now 46 and being forced to re-examine/reinvent myself all over again. So, who am I going to be for the second... Continue Reading →

Ice, ice baby

The youngest's winter wonderland party was a hit. For my own sanity, I probably should have skipped the pre-party pump class, but if I had my gym instructor wouldn't have been able to give me the excellent tip on creating a snowman's head for the birthday cake. I woke up on Sunday morning stricken by... Continue Reading →

Too much

I don't know where to begin. There's too much to tell. So I'll just serve it up in one enormous, disjointed package. I'll start with Friday night. My mum and dad took the youngest and the rest of our extended family to teppanyaki. I'd bought myself tickets to Neil Finn as my Christmas present from... Continue Reading →

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