Ice, ice baby

photo (89)

The youngest’s winter wonderland party was a hit.

For my own sanity, I probably should have skipped the pre-party pump class, but if I had my gym instructor wouldn’t have been able to give me the excellent tip on creating a snowman’s head for the birthday cake.

I woke up on Sunday morning stricken by the fact something was missing from the cake. A 7am trip to IGA yielded a packet of marshmallows, but I still couldn’t see how I’d magically turn them into a serviceable snowman.

Cue the gym instructor – the most divine Dutch woman who, if I decided to turn and she wasn’t the hetero mother of two small children, I would definitely go for – flicking through her iPhone and showing me some marshmallow skewers she made for her son’s birthday party with paper toppers.

I raced home, Googled “snowman heads” and VOILA! Magic was made … (the picture doesn’t show up the fact the little creatures are skating on a pond of melted candy)

photo (86)

Unfortunately I messed with the magic by scorching the youngest’s scalp with the crimping iron … nothing quite like making your kid cry an hour before their birthday party … but upon seeing how awesome her sister looked like with kinky hair she decided to return to her seat on the kitchen stool for another attempt.

(I swear, it wasn’t my idea to crimp, they begged. The youngest reckoned it was an essential accompaniment to her rock star gold birthday jeans.)

photo (91)

Then I threw 16 goodie bags into the boot (click here to see the contents), nestled the finished cake on the eldest’s lap and hooned off to Macquarie Ice Rink for the par-tay.

photo (88)

It went like a dream. Wobbly ice skating lessons for all the sproglettes, Pizza Hut pizza at the halfway mark, and a spot more skating …

Thank you to the Port Stephens cousins for making the epic trek. Thumbs up to the school mum who braved the ice herself (in addition to Husband and sister-in-law) and only did minor damage to her wrist …

Thank you to all the mums for all the awesome pressies for the youngest, she’s stoked.

Another party done and dusted. And a six-month break until the next one. Phew.

9 thoughts on “Ice, ice baby

  1. OMG …. I’m so glad I don’t have kids.

    I can’t believe the amount of work you have to do just for a birthday.

    All looks good though. You did well.

    • One kid at the party was like “I don’t want any cake, can I have a Sylvanian Family creature instead?” And I was like “Are you mad? Do you know what I went through to get ice-skating Sylvanian Family creatures?”

  2. Hi – your party looks amazing! My daughter wants to have her 8th here in July. She’s done the holiday workshop and had a ball. Did the staff continue to help the kids when they had their hour of free play? I’m wondering if 20 minutes of lesson will be enough for them to be able to enjoy themselves on the ice – or will I need to grab some skates and “help”? Was it really “Pizza Hutt” pizza? What a treat!

    • The staff don’t help after the 20 minutes but you get two grown ups on the ice for free. We had lots of first-time skaters and while they were initially nervous they all loved it. Even after pizza (yes, from Pizza Hut!) they rushed back out to skate right until the last moment. Big hit!!!

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