The party’s on ice

The youngest is turning 8 next month and wants to celebrate with a party at Macquarie Ice Rink. She’s a bit obsessed with ice skating, despite getting limited opportunity to indulge her need for frozen speed. And whizzing around the rink on the Voyager of The Seas last month (hello? I know!) sealed the deal.

Booking a hosted party at a venue should mean zero effort from me … but where’s the fun in that?

Yesterday I booked the 11am timeslot here …

But the planning started weeks before with the loot bags. I’m a bit of a party bag fiend. In fact, 10 Amazing Loot Bags is the second most popular blog on my site ever (after Princess Kate’s Nude Scandal, sigh).

This time around we’re going with a winter wonderland theme.

We’ve ordered snowflake stickers – from Party Wow in Queensland of all places – to put on the front of pale blue paper craft bags (oops, better get onto ordering those) …

Ice skate and snowflake charms arrived from the US yesterday (ordered from Etsy) to be strung onto thong necklaces …
photo (50)
The youngest insisted on these mad wrist warmers from China …
I’m a bit worried what 99c worth of wrist warmer will look like, but she was most insistent.
And we’re going to do up little bags of “fresh snow” aka fairy floss that I spotted on Cupcake Cutiees
Though I was tempted by this cute idea from Jacolyn Murphy
And then there’s the cake. And of course I’m overextending myself. I’ve decided to do a snow globe cake. There aren’t many examples on Google images, but something kinda like this except less Christmassy …
Maybe with some iceskating Sylvanian Families creatures skating on a frozen pond made from melted candy …
Should be a breeze …
Although I was oddly tempted by this ice-cream cake from Kara’s Party Ideas
Oh, and I’d better get those invites out soon. March is a very popular birthday month among the youngest’s friends.
Are you in the love or hate camp when it comes to organising birthday parties? 

5 thoughts on “The party’s on ice

  1. I am in the love camp – in theory. Love the ideas, love looking at pretty pictures of cakes and loot bags and décor – but the actual nitty gritty of the organisation? Stressful! This year for the first time I am also booking a venue. If I were an 8-year-old girl, your daughter’s ice-skating party would be my dream party! Those ideas for your loot bags are so impressive! You could go into business doing this party stuff. I’ve booked a bowling party for my almost six-year-old boy, also in March. Have fun with your snow globe cake – let us know how it goes!

  2. I was going to suggest you book at the one at Norwest but have you seen the prices? $35 per kid (for 10 kids) versus $28 per kid (for 10 kids) at Macquarie. They say the closer to the city you get the dearer things are but there seems to be a cloud over Bella Vista and Castle Hill that voids that remark.

    Still, I can’t complain; those cray cray prices in the North West growth sector have meant that I’m sitting on a gold mine with our house going up $100K in 2 years.

    With that sort of extra cash, I guess I can book our son’s birthday party at the Sydney Ice Arena….

    • I’m a little bit dazzled by the prices for the party (especially as the guest numbers keep climbing!!!). But turns out to be a nice thing for the kids to look forward to in all this mess. Congrats on the house price – ours seems to have gone backwards!

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