I had a “champagne orgasm” last night

Relax … it was a totally PG experience. Well, apart from all the champagne.

Champagne is definitely adults only.

I was quite startled when my dinner companion told me she was going to show me how to have a champagne orgasm.

It was rather late in the evening – and many vintage champagne bottles into the night – when the declaration … um … came.

It turns out a “champagne orgasm” is a term for when you take a sip of champagne and hold it under your tongue then form your mouth into a little “o”, dip your head slightly and suck in lots of air.

Apparently it’s quite the done thing in Epernay.

I thought I wasn’t doing it right – I’m not the most physically adept person, last to be picked for school sport teams and all that – then suddenly my tongue started buzzing. The most amazing tingling sensation spread along its sides and continued for minutes afterwards.

Ooooooooh …. champagne orgasm!

Let me backtrack slightly: I went to dinner last night with a work contact who loooooooves champagne. I mean REALLY looooooves champagne. At one point we were drinking 2002 Bollinger – that’s the kind of love I’m talking about.

Despite a long magazine career, I have never previously experienced such extravagant love.

She even spent her honeymoon in Epernay last year, which is when she learned the orgasm trick. I think. The night is a bit hazy …

We went to a restaurant in Barangaroo called Lotus. I have never previously experienced it either. The dining strip at Barangaroo was going OFF, it was absolutely heaving with people.

We had one of the banquets at Lotus: oysters with lemon aspen sorbet; prawn and calamari dumplings; chicken and scallop sui mai; salt and pepper calamari; BBQ duck with mandarin pancakes; pippis with XO sauce; steamed fish with ginger and shallot; slow-cooked beef short ribs with ponzu; and steamed Asian greens.

The dumplings and salt and pepper squid were so good we ordered another round. Well, my generous host ordered another road.

I felt VERY spoilt.

Oh, and we met at a trendy vermouth bar called Banksii, where I tasted vermouth for the first time. It was delicious. My vermouth cherry has also been popped and I am enthralled by its possibilities.

(I had a Mancino Rosso – Trebbiano with juniper, vanilla and cinnamon bark – and a War of the Roses – Castagna Dry Rose Vermouth, Archie Rose Gin, Rosehip tea syrup and soda).

Talk about a night full of firsts … it was a doozy.

As, I suspect, was the bill. Thank heavens I wasn’t paying.

Bless you Rhonda.

Here are some snaps:

Have you ever had a champagne orgasm?

Song of the day: Steve Winwood “Back in the high life again”



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