Emotionally aspirational blogging

Confession: sometimes Housegoeshome is emotionally aspirational.

By that I mean I’ll write a blog post that’s about how I want to feel – and know I should feel – but haven’t quite managed to feel (yet) in reality.

I could have written one of those blogs yesterday, but I was too shattered to wax lyrical about how satisfying it was to see my home decor coming together (as per the above photo of the new feature wall in my kitchen) and the sense of empowerment it gave me to do it myself.

There were no words, just weariness.

The slide into silence began on Sunday – I was VERY grumpy when I started shaking the cans of paint. I REALLY didn’t want to paint my house. It was hot, I was tired, I had so many other things on my to-do list …

But the painting needs to be knocked over so I can clean the house, move all the furniture back in place, put up the Christmas tree, actually eat dinner with the kids at a dining table, buy and install a cheap blind from Bunnings for privacy etc etc etc.

So I painted the damn room all sweaty afternoon.

And it’s still not bloody finished.

The cornices aren’t done. The green feature wall requires another coat. I need to paint all the timber. And the ceiling could really do with a fourth coat because IT’S STILL STREAKY.


All my own fault, I know, for embarking on a renovation I couldn’t afford to finish.

But I’m going to have a whinge anyway: there hasn’t been enough fun to balance out the blah stuff in recent weeks.

Tis supposed to be the season to be jolly, but I feel stretched too thin, like molten sugar in the hands of a novice candy maker.

The ferrying around and organising and cooking and keeping life afloat is relentless.

My moaning fell on deaf ears with my school mum friends during our Saturday morning walk because they’re jealous that I get three kid-free nights a week. One noted that she wasn’t getting a kid-free night until February.

So I suppose I shouldn’t be complaining that my nights off haven’t been fun enough.

At least they’re nights off.

Actually, on that subject, Sundays and Mondays are normally my nights off, but my ex has been away in Brisbane and Melbourne for work. So last night was spent ferrying the youngest to and from saxophone lesson, cooking dinner, ferrying her to and from gymnastics, then haphazardly cleaning up and making lunches and helping the eldest pack her bags for her upcoming school band tour.

This morning will be a corker: I’m dropping the eldest to band practice at 7.15am, then picking my repaired car up from the service centre after it sprung an oil leak (at the tender age of 1), then dropping the dogs to Marlene the dog sitter while some dangerous work is done in my backyard, dropping youngest to school, then heading to work.

So I’m thinking I’ll take tomorrow morning off from blogging too. I need some head space – and fun – to get my creative mojo back.

Catch you on Thursday.

How are you coping with the pre-Christmas rush? 

Song of the day: Bon Jovi “Sleep when I’m dead”

3 thoughts on “Emotionally aspirational blogging

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  1. What’s with the four coats on the ceiling? Just keep looking at the calming green wall and see it as it will be when it’s finished.

      1. Oh you poor thing and light reflecting off it is probably making it worse. One more coat and it will be perfect

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