Venus and Mars

My New Year's Eve went something like this ... Cooked bacon sandwiches for Sprogs' breakfast (to remove temptation from fridge for The Great Famine of 2012); did grocery shopping; bought Husband six-pack of beer for New Year's Eve party; bought chooks 25kg bag of scratch mix; staggered to car with 25kg bag of scratch mix; washed and... Continue Reading →

Festive squatting

Christmas was supposed to be in my sister's backyard. But we went to someone else's place instead. They weren't there. It was fantastic*. We lounged around on their outdoor setting, used their cutlery and plates, filled their fridge with grog, filled their wheelie bin with prawn heads, splashed around in their pool. It was like having a holiday house for free. Husband found the pool... Continue Reading →

Al’s Christmas message

Russell never thinks Trisha will expose his infidelity to his wife. Even after he shags her for two years, then stops returning her calls. He ignores the email she sends, demanding an explanation. This unceremonious dumping makes Trisha angry, really angry. She wants revenge. She waits for her moment and she strikes ...  I've been catching up on some reading while I've been sick. In between... Continue Reading →

Luna fark

Hangover? Check. Flu? Check. Four kids? Check. Heavy rain? Check. Visit to Luna Park? Check ... Not my ideal running sheet for a fun day out. But I'd promised the Sprogs (and their cousin and Sprog 1's best friend), so I struggled out of bed and went. Not that staying in bed was an option with the cleaners due at 10am. I... Continue Reading →

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