Luna fark

Hangover? Check. Flu? Check. Four kids? Check. Heavy rain? Check. Visit to Luna Park? Check … Not my ideal running sheet for a fun day out. But I’d promised the Sprogs (and their cousin and Sprog 1’s best friend), so I struggled out of bed and went. Not that staying in bed was an option with the cleaners due at 10am. I forgot to visit the ATM, so they’ll be having themselves a jingly little Christmas with the stack of $2 and $1 coins I left on the kitchen bench (along with a leftover bottle of cheap swill French champagne, my generosity knows no bounds). Corralled in the car with my small charges, I made the disturbing discovery that Luna Park doesn’t open until 11am on Thursdays. So we dripped into a cafe for scones and banana bread while we waited and watched the rain gout down outside. The gang weren’t the least bit deterred by the weather. Good thing too, ’cause I didn’t have a back-up plan. You could’ve shot a cannon through Luna Park, as most sensible people had decided a fun park in the rain wouldn’t be fun at all. The upside was the kids could go on the Wild Mouse 10 times in a row without queuing. I couldn’t, because I was minding fraidy-cat Sprog 2, whose idea of a scary ride is the the little rocket ships that go round and round very slowly, then occasionally up and down (a few millimetres) to break the monotony. I forked out $12 for rain ponchos for them all, only to see them wander off the Flying Saucer soaking wet, with the over-priced bits of yellow plastic balled in their fists. You’d have thought it was a Mensa test with all the whining about how hard they were to put on. My lunch was Sprog 2’s vegemite sandwich crusts, as I’d forgotten to pack myself anything and didn’t dare buy a sausage roll – my heart’s desire – in front of them. I briefly pondered a Diet Coke pick-me-up, but the flu symptoms beat the hangover symptoms and I just couldn’t come at it. When we finally dripped home, Sprog 2 was gung-ho for a game of throw-the-balloon-endlessly- at-each-other. I just couldn’t. I parked them in front of a DVD and retreated to bed to nurse my motherguilt/hangover/flu in peace.

TONIGHT’S MENU: Baharat lamb. If it’s yum, I’ll share the recipe. Last night I skipped the sausages and made homemade salmon fish fingers with mash instead. Have I told you how you make them? You buy salmon fillets, cut them into fingers and roll them in crumbs (I stick a few wholemeal bread ends in the food processor). I like to toss the fingers in a mixture of beaten egg and dijon mustard first. Then pour a few slicks of oil into a pan and cook until golden. Quite delish with a dollop of aioli on top. Even when flu-ridden.

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    1. I’ve been known to make my own, but I usually buy the Ronda brand one from the dip section at Woolies. Doesn’t seem to have any preservatives in it from the labelling. I put a generous teaspoonful with an egg and beat them together. Very subtle.

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