Damn you, insomnia

I thought I'd vanquished the beast, but insomnia has come back to battle me over the last three nights. I toss and I turn in my hermetically sealed hotel room. My head is full of thoughts that I can't quiet. My chest is full of emotions that are equally noisy. I tried to walk myself... Continue Reading →

Unfamiliar territory

It's weird being back in my old Singapore neighbourhood. So much is the same, but so much has changed. All the market and food stalls still cluster around the surrounding streets. The pungent scent of durian still wafts through the air. The same waiters still grimly take my order at Fatty's as my old apartment... Continue Reading →

Swiss frank

Today's post is an educational one. It's about ways to avoid being bankrupted by a stay in Switzerland. I discovered most of the tips retrospectively. Bummer. Switzerland is a very beautiful country, but also a VERY expensive one. Very, very, very expensive. You know how your local pub has a $10 schnitty special on Tuesdays?... Continue Reading →

Lost in Tuscany

There are waaaaaay worse places to be lost than Tuscany, so I'm not complaining (too much) about how many times we misplaced our route yesterday. But let me start at the beginning. Our gorgeous country retreat does everything so so well. Breakfast even includes a huge honeycomb dispensing the local sticky stuff. Classy! After brekkie... Continue Reading →

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