Such an amazing trip through the alps

Our Italian adventure ended spectacularly yesterday with a UNESCO listed train journey through the Swiss Alps aboard the Bernina Express.

Before we headed to the border train station in Tirano we squeezed in a quick ride on the funicular that transports residents and tourists between Como and Brunate.

It takes 7 minutes on a track that’s virtually perpendicular down the mountain. The result: fabulous views.

In Tirano we settled down for a leisurely lunch that ended with us sharing an affogato – gelato, freshly brewed coffee and chocolate – a first delicious experience for both of us. Add two macchiatos to the equation and we were heavily caffeinated for the trip!

And off we giddily went on the best train ride EVER. We spent most of the four-hour journey outside our carriage in the corridor with our heads out the window letting the wind rush through our hair … Until a German bloke complained we were making him “kalt” in his air-locked carriage.

Boo hiss.

I have no idea why he chose to sit right beside the carriage door in a virtually empty train but he did. And I have no idea how we were making him “kalt” when the door to the carriage was shut. But he wanted those windows shut SCHNELL!

Boo hiss.

So we went and sat in our boring seats like boring old people for the last hour.

I wished I could speak German so I could tell him how much joy sticking his head out that little window would bring to his cold heart. I think he’d long forgotten the feeling. Poor, grumpy man.

Ah well, we still had bulk fun. DD is already talking about doing it again in a few years. He was totally blitzed.

The scenery was insanely gorgeous. So green and sweeping and majestic and wild and … Oh, it’s impossible to put into words so I’m going to let the photos do the talking …

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