HouseGoesHollywood: Rob kicks Kristen out, flirty Scarlett raises hackles, Courtenay’s vajajay

Wading through the murk so you don't have to ... Rob kicks Kristen out Rob Pattinson has finally moved from gobsmacked to get-the-fark-out-of-my-house angry. After staying at an unknown location since his girlfriend Kristen Stewart's affair secret was exposed, Pattinson told her to get her stuff and leave last weekend. In a surprising dash of... Continue Reading →

Parenting mistakes No. 3278 and 3279

Heston Blumenthal's wacky creations captivated the Sprogs recently, when they saw Heston's Feasts at their cousins' house. So Husband racked up an episode of Heston's Mission Impossible for them the other night. Heston's challenge was to makeover cinema snacks. Perfect, we thought. Until he started experimenting with 4D theatre and providing squirts of scent to accompany movies. The film he chose was... Continue Reading →

HouseGoesHollywood: The Mag I Bought This Week, Jeremy’s viagra accident, Jada’s bikini body

Wading through the murk so you don't have to ... The Mag I Bought This Week Award goes to ... Hollywood gossip is totally addictive at the moment. None of that cut-with-Draino crap. It's the real deal and it's getting me so high. Yep, I'm a hopeless Hollywood junkie and I'm refusing rehab - give... Continue Reading →

Bit on the side

I've been experimenting with side dishes during Christmas in July. Here are three of my veggie creations. I'm particularly thrilled with the first one - hallejulah, a recipe that makes parsnips taste divine! I served these with a couple of slow-roasted lamb shoulders last night. I browned the shoulders briefly in a heavy-based casserole dish, then added 1 cup... Continue Reading →

Dirty laundry

The problem with blubbering on your blog about being down is that everyone goes on suicide watch. Long after you've hauled yourself out of your hole of self pity, people keep giving you concerned looks, patting your arm, asking if you'd like to talk about it. No, I would not like to talk about it. I am repressed and only capable of expressing... Continue Reading →

HouseGoesHollywood: Rob dumps Kristen, Reese’s amazing house, more Jackson madness

Wading through the murk so you don't have to ... ROB WALKS OUT ON KRISTEN Robert Pattinson has left the Los Angeles home he shared with Kristen Stewart, People magazine has confirmed. "I'm not sure they'll be able to recover from this," a source has revealed, adding Robert is  "heartbroken and angry". And humiliated in the eyes of the ENTIRE WORLD.... Continue Reading →

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