Happy birthday to HouseGoesHome!

I know I should be wallowing in self-pity about living in a nice house with my two gorgeous children, talented Husband and age warts – see Who Are You In Your 40s – but there’s too much to celebrate today. Not only is it Christmas in July Part 2 (The Grandparents Arrive), but it’s the first birthday of HouseGoesHome. Yep, it’s been 12 whole months since my blog was born. Since then I’ve written 468 blog posts that have been read everywhere from Kazakhstan to Ecuador.

My top 10 blogs – view wise – since I started out?

  1. Murder, medicine and motherhood
  2. Naked and alone with a woman
  3. Help not hate
  4. You don’t want to be famous
  5. Who were you in high school?
  6. Who were you after high school?
  7. Bitchin’ in the kitchen
  8. Hug a ginger day
  9. 15 reasons not to start a blog
  10. Sticks and stones

I was quite pleased with myself back on July 28, 2011, when I called the blog HouseGoesHome. Nice ring to it, don’t you think? As for the write-off: “Is there life after work?”…  after 12 months at home, I think I can safely say, yes, there is life after work. But, to quote Dr Spock (the Star Trek character, not the pediatrician): “It’s life Jim, but not as we know it.”

Well, at least not as I knew it. It’s a kinder, gentler, quieter life. One without heart palpitations, stressful commutes and office politics. I’ve gotten to know so many lovely school mums better, I’ve gotten to know my kids better, I’m still getting to know me … but hopefully I’ll get there if I give myself  “an uppercut and be thankful for what you’ve got” as a Facebook friend suggested yesterday.

Will HouseStayHome? I’m not sure. From the perspective of the blog name, it would help if I did. But I’m still uncertain about the future holds. Is what I do now what I’m meant to embrace?

In the spirit of blog nostalgia, I took a walk down memory lane yesterday to my first blog post, called Brave New World, and it seems I started out with a whimper rather than a bang. This is what I had to say:

“It’s been 28 days since I stopped work. Or should I say, stopped paid work. I spent the first week sick in bed, the second week sick in Fiji (ah, well, at least it was warm), the third week nursing Sprog 1 through a vomitting bug, the fourth week … well, I was expecting I’d get a chance to stretch my legs on the whole “lady of leisure” thing, but no, I’m nursing Sprog 2 through a bout of tonsilitis. The outside world has receded to something of myth and legend. I’m going quietly mad tidying the Tupperware cupboard and restacking baked beans in the pantry. Desperate to stay connected to humanity, I pathetically eye my gmail account at hourly intervals. I’m convinced it’s not working because I never get any mail, except from Cudo. (And that’s no fun, since I no longer earn cash to buy any of their “special offers”.) The lack of mail is understandable, since I forgot to put a forwarding address on my work email. But it’s still a little soul destroying. At least when Sprog 1 was sick, we could lie in bed together watching Dr Who repeats on the portable DVD player (with me sneaking off occasionally for sneaky, high-rotation viewing of the David Tennant OMG clip on youtube, mmmmmm…). Sprog 2 is more the Bananas In Pyjamas type. Not quite so stirring. I had all these lovely morning teas and lunches and playdates organised to cement my new status as a stay-at-home mum with all the other stay-at-home mums, but I’ve had to cancel them all. I also planned on being a goodie two-shoes by doing reading group and computer class stuff at the sprogs’ school. All cancelled as well. I did help out at a “100 days of kindergarten” celebration on my one child-illness-free day this week. Unfortunately it ended with Sprog 2 clinging to me and crying hysterically because a boy said she “wasn’t right about everything” … Sprog 2 – like her mother – believes she IS right about everything, so it came as quite a blow. The doctor reckons Sprog 2′s pus-laced tonsils will be problematic for another 3 days. So I thought I might as well start a blog to keep me sane …”

Fancy giving HouseGoesHome a birthday present? It’s a very easy blog to please. Some gift ideas include sharing a favourite post on Facebook, signing up for a subscription or suggesting a friend checks it out. My sister has already given HouseGoesHome a gift – she strong-armed two of her workmates into signing up yesterday, bless her.

Thanks for coming along on the ride that’s been HouseGoesHome with me. I have wobbly moments where I think about tossing it in and lazing around drinking cups of tea all day instead, but I think I’m in it for the long haul.

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