Things you shouldn’t fear

Phobias are weird, irrational things. When I was a kid, tall buildings felt like they were swaying when I was standing on the upper levels - I would feel this irresistible urge to crawl across the floor for safety. Fortunately I've mostly conquered that phobia. But others have taken its place. Like this one ...... Continue Reading →

One isn’t enough

It's not often you text the words "I'm thinking only buying one fart gun was an error of judgement" to your partner. But that's Christmas for you ... filled with the frantic purchase of crazy stuff that people don't really need. And now I'm wondering if I need to brave the shops again for more... Continue Reading →

What a ride!

My December feels like a bullet train ride without any stops. How about yours? The crazy trip continued yesterday: I headed to high school presentation day in my lunch break to proudly watch as the eldest walked on stage to be presented with the certificate for coming first in Visual Arts. It was very fancy... Continue Reading →

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