Whacko the diddle oh

Far out it was hot last night. I was sooooo wishing I was back at the beach.

I’m still all gooey about how lovely it was to sip and swim at Bilgola at dusk. I can’t wait to get myself a little beachside apartment when I semi retire – imagine the bliss of daily beach fixes?

Those pink clouds! Sigh!

Instead of returning to the sea last night I broke the back of my Christmas wrapping in sauna-like conditions instead. Whacko the diddly o!

I’m not the neatest of wrappers at the best of times – finer details aren’t my strength – but the pressies have an exceptionally slapdash look to them this year.

Ah well, it’s the thought that counts.

I’ve almost knocked over all my gift buying too, after going a bit nuts in a shop called King of Knives late yesterday afternoon, grabbing (ironically) everything they had that wasn’t a knife. I’m slightly worried about all the random impulse buys I lugged home.

I may have also bought someone socks in the Bonds sale. What was I thinking? No one wants socks in their Christmas stocking.

I’m blaming it on my brain being slightly heat affected.

Today is supposed to be 35C in my neck of the woods – ermagerd it might kill me or at least make me criminally cranky.

OK, to be honest, that horse has already bolted.

My ex turned up to drop off the eldest from a dental appointment yesterday arvo, noticed I wasn’t my normal, chirpy self – I go a bit dead-eyed and silent when I’m grumpy – and asked if I was OK.

Just. Bloody. Hot.

Fortunately he could drop and run. Ah, the perks of separated life.

As for the weather, it’s looking completely crazy over the next few days. It plummets to 23C tomorrow, soars to 34C on Christmas Eve, then delivers 22C and rain on Christmas Day … if you believe my weather app.

What the?

Only in ‘Straya

How’s the weather and Christmas shopping going around your way? Are you criminally cranky too?

Song of the day: Bing Crosby “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”

PS It’s bizarre the phrases that pop into my head sometimes – where the hell did ‘whacko the diddle oh’ come from? I suppose I did study Australian slang for the HSC …

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