Time to rest

As you’ve probably guessed from my blog posts this week, I need a rest.

So I’m taking a week off from everything from housework to blogging.

It starts tonight – can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait!

I’m celebrating the long-awaited cessation by getting my first haircut in six months at 6pm, then grabbing takeaway BBQ chook for our dinner in front of the tellie.

Unfortunately, due to the current unprecedented times – I concur with the bloke in the Tweet above – I won’t be going anywhere exciting during my break.

Although, it’s supposed to be 24C on Sunday, so I may entice DD into the icy surf!

If it wasn’t unprecedented times I’d be flying to somewhere balmy in Queensland or … if the bank would spot me more money … I’d be off to Ningaloo Reef for some snorkelling.

How nice would that be? Sooooo nice.

But I’m sure I’ll find a way to turn COVID lemons into lemonade. Stay tuned …

Have a great weekend and week ahead. Big virtual hugs to my Victorian friends who are stuck at home.

Song of the day: Everything But The Girl “Missing”





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