It’s been a big 24 hours

As I write this blog post, the rain is pelting down. Forget cats and dogs, I’m talking elephants and giraffes. Torrential. I am supposed to be at an outdoor concert tonight. That will be interesting … But let me rewind to drizzly Wednesday; when I got my hair professionally coloured at vast expense. I may... Continue Reading →

Putting them on notice

I was scrolling through my LinkedIn feed earlier this week when I saw a devastating post by a former Virgin Airlines employee. He had shared an article from The Australian about his former boss resigning. She quit her job after less than a year, following an internal review of her workplace behaviour. He bravely wrote:... Continue Reading →


It's a bit odd that the first thing people do when someone turns 18 is buy them a drink. Not exactly the best message to send ... but I found myself doing it last night. A Cosmopolitan, no less. Cheers to my newly legal offspring. Aside from being allowed to have a cocktail, the eldest... Continue Reading →

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