It’s a bit odd that the first thing people do when someone turns 18 is buy them a drink.

Not exactly the best message to send … but I found myself doing it last night. A Cosmopolitan, no less.

Cheers to my newly legal offspring.

Aside from being allowed to have a cocktail, the eldest isn’t too keen on becoming an adult. I don’t blame him, it’s hard yakka.

We went to the Bondi Icebergs Club for the birthday dinner because the eldest wanted a burger with a view. Such a stunning spot. I figured there was something appropriately circular about it, since the eldest spent the first six weeks of his life living in Bondi.

We had a cute little apartment in Forest Knoll Avenue. Unfortunately, it was up 50 stairs, which was a bit arduous after a caesarean.

My ex came along to dinner and a fun evening was had by all.

We went home and the eldest blew out the candles on the beer cake the youngest had decorated during food tech.

As the teacher had expressly told the youngest not to make a beer cake, she pretended it was a soft drink until the last minute.


I gave the eldest a little beauty fridge as a birthday present. Apparently they’re the latest thing for storing your face masks. But I actually got it so the eldest can keep his oatmilk cool in the garage/bedroom. I’ve set up a tea and coffee station, with a kettle, coffee machine and a cookie barrel.

I still don’t have my head around where the last 18 years have gone. I’ve forgotten so much, but I remember the textures – the nubbly Bonds onesies, the hot skin between his tiny shoulder blades, the first silky spikes of red hair …

I started out pretty overwhelmed as a mum. Looking after babies terrified me: that endless battle to feed them and get them back to sleep.

I got better at mothering as I went along, but I still spend most days feeling nervous that I’m failing.

Soon both my children will be out in the world, living their own lives, coming over for dinner now and then.

It seems so impossibly far off when you’re wrestling Bonds onesies over their nappies.

Then, boom, they’re 5ft 10ins with a Cosmo in their hands.

Song of the day: Pink “Raise your glass”

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