So many questions

You’d think at almost-45 there would be less questions, but there seem to be more. Like … Why I found myself standing at a bus stop at 9.30pm last night for 40 minutes while buses to every other far-flung suburb of Sydney pulled up but mine. Why I had to pay to get my car […]

HouseGoesHollywood: Michelle and Jason split, Rihanna’s stalker, Ryan and Blake get clucky

Lots of rumours floating around today … juicy ones, too. Michelle and Jason split Say it isn’t so! There’s a sad breakup to report, with US Weekly confirming that Michelle Williams and Jason Segel have decided to call it quits. Here’s hoping little Matilda, 7, doesn’t take it too hard after losing her dad Heath […]

PMT doesn’t exist? Eff that!

There’s something I’ve been dwelling on for months and it’s finally bubbled to the surface in a frothing, hormone-fuelled rage. Back in December, researchers at the University of Toronto published findings in Gender Medicine magazine saying PMT didn’t exist. The (largely female!) team, led by Dr Sarah Romans, examined 47 studies from between 1971 and […]

HouseGoesHollywood: Kim strips, Ben shaves, Britney goes brunette, Jim’s gross feet

Ah, it’s hard coming back down to earth after the heady gossipy days of the Oscars. But fortunately the stars can’t stop revealing juicy stuff. Get a room! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have posed for a daring photo shoot for French magazine L’Officiel Hommes.  So much for her telling DuJour magazine a few weeks ago that Kanye has taught her “a […]

They took my car away

Just a quickie – I have been going hammer and tongs at Oscar gossiping and it’s only left me with a few spare minutes before the kids wake, chooks demand to be let out and the bunny starts rattling his cage. So … they took my car away. It’s very traumatic. Husband booked it for […]

HouseGoesHollywood: Oscar party pics, Jack Nicholson hits on Jennifer Lawrence and 2 shock weddings

The Oscars fun continues as celebrities party into the night. Jack hits on Jennifer This is my absolute favourite Oscar gossip item from the night. You HAVE to watch this video of Jack Nicholson hitting on Jennifer Lawrence while she’s being interviewed after the Oscars. It’s AMAZING. How he interrupts, how she reacts, everything … […]

HouseGoesHollywood: The Oscars edition, Part 1

Ah, the Oscars … where do I start? OK, I’ll kick off with the best of pre- and-during Twitter action … Anne Hathaway walked the red carpet in Prada and Kristin Chenoweth tweeted: “I think Anne Hathaway may be#bestdressed!” Here I was thinking Daniel Day Lewis would be standoffish, but he cheerily signed autographs for […]

HouseGoesHollywood: RiRi’s S&M shoot, J’Lo bakes cupcakes, Josh does it Gangnam Style

Oooooh, it’s Oscars morning in LA, so it’s all quiet on the West Coast. But I’ve managed to find a few scintillating tidbits to sustain you until the action starts. I’ll be doing a little red carpet tweeting over at @ivillageAus today and I’ll have a round-up of behind-the-scenes goss tomorrow morning. Stay tuned! RiRi […]