Pink bits

I was feeling pretty murderous last week. I pulled a whopping big knife from drawer and went totally berko. There was pink stuff spattered everywhere. It was Pulp Kitchen in the kitchen time. Those bastards at Farmers Direct had sent more frickin' beetroot. Argh!!! I found a recipe for beetroot curry, but that seemed a... Continue Reading →

Before the money ran out

I'm taking the Sprogs on a road trip during the school holidays. Our last road trip took place in far more exotic locales: France and Spain. That was before the money ran out. This time we're off to Canberra, Albury and Melbourne to sleep in people's spare bedrooms. While driving across France and Spain, I was determined to keep blogging - despite only 14 people... Continue Reading →

Two fingers to that

I'd relaxed into the whole teacher's strike business. I'd come to terms with not getting ahead. I'd made my peace with being in the moment instead. I was quite looking forward to seeing Brave and inhaling yum cha with the Sprogs. A bold redhead wisecracking her way through the forest, followed by succulent prawns wrapped in rice paper was going to be fun... Continue Reading →

Junk food makeovers

I'm riffing on healthy "junk food" recipes for kids at Village Voices today. That's right, tricking the little blighters into thinking you're feeding them high-fat rubbish when it's really a low-fat meal. Check it out at Here's a little something I whipped up on Sunday night, prior to Sprog 1's medical crisis. RECIPE: OVEN-FRIED CHICKEN (Serves 4) 1/2 cup... Continue Reading →

Sex mishap

I got a call from an old friend this week. She had a strictly anonymous story to tell. She thought it might come in handy for my blog. After the usual pleasantries about how the kids and respective partners were faring, she got down to business. Her bloke popped over for some jiggery pokery recently. They toddled off to the kitchen afterwards for a... Continue Reading →

Inside-out choc wheatens

Chocolate wheaten bikkies are yummy, but I can't be bothered with that whole dipped-in-melted-chocolate palaver. So I decided to make them with the chocolate on the inside. Easy peasy! And they were a huge hit with the Sprogs. I can almost convince myself they're healthy(ish) too, as they contain wholemeal flour and wheat germ. RECIPE:... Continue Reading →

Shut up you mental patient

While Husband was sitting with Sprog 1 at the medical centre on Sunday night, holding her head together, he sent me an SMS: HUSBAND: Sprog 1 wanted to say hello and tell you she was feeling ok I was busy recording the medical emergency for the blog and missed the next SMS, which followed in quick succession and read: HUSBAND: Rexicoricofalapatorius... Continue Reading →

The Mag I Bought This Week Award (25/6/12) goes to …

Oh my gawd, this has never happened before. Not once in the short but illustrious history of The Award. It's totally unprecedented ... Read my blog at Village Voices, called "Mags this week: sex, six-packs and secret babies", to discover what I've gone and bought this week ... (Don't get too excited, it's not Penthouse.)

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