Me make monster

Yesterday passed in a blur of craft, cooking and medical emergencies at housegoeshome. Sprog 1 borrowed a book from the library on Friday called Me Make Monster and spent the next 36 hours begging to sew a "Basic Beastie". Whoever decided to christen it a "Basic  Beastie" - Jenny Harada according to the book cover - has... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Apple Crumble

The Farmer's Direct glut continues ... I'm tackling it with a Louisiana-style dinner party this evening with my sister's new bloke. We're having hot crab dip with crudites for starters, oven-fried chicken with mashed potatoes, coleslaw and cornbread for main, and apple crumble for dessert. The apple crumble is fresh out of the oven and looking... Continue Reading →

It’s crazy inside my head too

Bianca Wordley wrote a post at The Hoopla earlier this week about her anxiety issues, called Welcome to My Crazy Head. Reading it reminded me of the dark days when a bad situation and bad people left me with anxiety so crushing I had heart palpitations. Fortunately they're gone from my life - the bad situation, the bad people and the heart palpitations - and the only signs... Continue Reading →

Dear Vanessa: how could you break up with Johnny Depp?

Seriously, what was the woman thinking? She was lucky enough to spend 14 years with a freaky method actor who admits his emotional growth ceased at age 17. He blames armadillos for trashing his hotel room. His idea of fun is jamming with Marilyn Manson. He wears more jewellery than she does. He takes his bisexual co-stars to Las Vegas... Continue Reading →

Bad mummy

I'm ashamed of myself. I'm praying that Sprog 2 wakes up well this morning. Not because I'm concerned about her health. Well, I am, but it's not my primary motivation. She has been home for three days with a coldy/flu thing, but today I really need to shove her off to school because I have... Continue Reading →

Social media is killing me

I don't know how the Gen Ys do it. How do they follow their favourite websites, Twitter and Facebook and still have time for an actual face-to-face life? I've heard the trick is to consume everything simultaneously - listen to music on your iPod while typing on your laptop, checking your iPhone's Twitter feed and drinking a can of Mother. But I'm exhausted by... Continue Reading →

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