Me make monster

Yesterday passed in a blur of craft, cooking and medical emergencies at housegoeshome. Sprog 1 borrowed a book from the library on Friday called Me Make Monster and spent the next 36 hours begging to sew a “Basic Beastie”. Whoever decided to christen it a “Basic  Beastie” – Jenny Harada according to the book cover – has […]

The Perfect Apple Crumble

The Farmer’s Direct glut continues … I’m tackling it with a Louisiana-style dinner party this evening with my sister’s new bloke. We’re having hot crab dip with crudites for starters, oven-fried chicken with mashed potatoes, coleslaw and cornbread for main, and apple crumble for dessert. The apple crumble is fresh out of the oven and looking […]

Morning constitutional etiquette (not the poo kind)

I wander into the semi-darkness/darkness every morning to walk or jog. Always have. I wake early. Much earlier that everyone else in my house. I figure I should use the time wisely before the madness of the day begins. Early morning walks/jogs are very popular in my neck of the woods, so I pass loads of people in my travels. […]

It’s crazy inside my head too

Bianca Wordley wrote a post at The Hoopla earlier this week about her anxiety issues, called Welcome to My Crazy Head. Reading it reminded me of the dark days when a bad situation and bad people left me with anxiety so crushing I had heart palpitations. Fortunately they’re gone from my life – the bad situation, the bad people and the heart palpitations – and the only signs […]

Bad mummy

I’m ashamed of myself. I’m praying that Sprog 2 wakes up well this morning. Not because I’m concerned about her health. Well, I am, but it’s not my primary motivation. She has been home for three days with a coldy/flu thing, but today I really need to shove her off to school because I have […]

Social media is killing me

I don’t know how the Gen Ys do it. How do they follow their favourite websites, Twitter and Facebook and still have time for an actual face-to-face life? I’ve heard the trick is to consume everything simultaneously – listen to music on your iPod while typing on your laptop, checking your iPhone’s Twitter feed and drinking a can of Mother. But I’m exhausted by […]

Recipe: African chicken and peanut stew

I was distraught when I arrived home and discovered Husband cooking dinner. Not quite the reaction he’d hoped to get after slaving over a hot stove. Actually, the stove is why I was distraught, as I’d been planning on making the recipe in my slow-cooker to see how it went. It’s funny the things that distress a foodie. When I climbed […]