Well, that was bloody wonderful

… And occasionally traumatic … but mainly bloody wonderful … There were moments during my blogging break that were a bit PUS, but all-in-all it was awesome, bulk fun, all that jazz … or should that be blues? DD and I flew off to Surfers Paradise for a few days. Not my ideal choice for […]

I’m taking a blogging break

I’ve been feeling a little writer’s blocky lately. The words haven’t been bubbling up as freely as usual. So I’ve decided to give myself – and you – a few days off from my babbling. I’ll probably be back on Tuesday. Have an awesome weekend. Thanks for sticking by me during my ups and downs. […]

Well that’s a bit rude

People bag out Buzzfeed.com, but I reckon it’s pretty funny. I cacked myself at its The 100 Rudest Effing Things Australians Say post yesterday. I remember studying Australian slang in 3-unit English for the HSC – the pinnacle of my academic achievement – and being blitzed by the colourful vernacular. I mean, what other country […]

Four awful words

My daughter had a really tough time when she was four. Just before she started kindergarten a bluebottle wrapped around her leg at the beach, two weeks later she violently, terrifyingly choked on a piece of squid in a restaurant, a few days later a little boy bit her so hard in the playground he […]

What do you want from me?

Naturally, when I heard it was going to be 24C yesterday, I headed to the beach. I mean – it was May 22 and swimming weather – no brainer! Admittedly, the warm weather around the globe is a little scary: a city in northern India shattered the national heat record last week, registering a searing […]