It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it

My boss asked me to go to Food Service 2016 yesterday.

It’s a trade show and conference for the food and beverage industry. It was fascinating … and delicious! And I got paid to be there!

I started off the day at The National Restaurant Conference. It featured restaurant bigwigs including John Fink (Otto), Anna Pavoni (Ormeggio at the Spit), Colin Fassnidge (4 Fourteen) and Scott Webster (Carrington Place) chitter chattering about the state of the industry.

I live tweeted – sort of – at drinkstrade, which made me feel very journalisty.

Afterwards I had a great time trawling all the stands at the Hordern Pavilion and sampling the freebies. I tried lychee cider, which was so yum, and chatted to the nice old bloke at Lychee Gold who decided lychee cider should be a thing. I tried cherry cider, from Cherry Hill Orchards, which was also yum. I ate a nom nom chicken and camembert pie from Proper National Pies. I licked donut ice-cream from Majors. I ate the most sublime duck meatballs and chilli smoked duck from Pepe’s Duck. I had a lovely natter with The Gourmet Goat Lady as I nibbled on her smoked goat. I even watched a pie competition, which was taken extremely seriously by the judges.

It was bulk fun.

I was a bit worried about having to talk to strangers all day, but I turned out to be quite fine at it. At lunch break I had a good old chinwag with people from Brita water, Open Table and a lawyer after some bizniss in the restaurant trade.

I think they thought I was a bit of a character … it might have been the two coffees I had beforehand …

Anyways, it was such a step away from my normal life.

And afterwards, I got to hang with this adorable bubba … How lucky am I?


Here are some more happy snaps …



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