HouseGoesHollywood: 13 shock announcements

Hollywood went on holidays last week for Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean celebrities shut up shop. Babies still needed to be born, funny videos still needed to be filmed, real people still needed to be photobombed … Meanwhile Australia went into news overload with a slew of resignations and blissful baby announcements. Here’s what went […]

Mad dogs and Frenchmen

I always thought the French attitude to dogs – poodles perched with their owners in bars, for example – was a bit whacked. Until I got my moodle. Now I think it’s bloody brilliant. Because I want to take Charlie everywhere. On Wednesdays Husband is usually mooching around the house, grudgingly cleaning up the “turdlets”. […]

Who’s the party queen WHO WHO

I’m a little belated with this but it took me a while to recover … Sunday, November 24 was all sorts of alien awesome in the Household. The eldest’s 10th birthday coincided with the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who and it was brilliant! Possibly not entirely well thought out, but brilliant. For example, I really […]

Animals on bikes

Our mates Neil and Laura (who invited us over to their place twice and got stiffed twice because of my swiss cheese brain, but still backed up for a third invitation) gave us the most marvellous suggestion for a route back to Sydney from Dubbo. They raved about Animals on Bikes – a 120km “Paddock Art” sculpture […]