Dog tired

When you have 5 chooks, 2 bunnies, 1 fish (vale Fishy 2) and 1 puppy, going away for the weekend gets a little tricky. We were off to Dubbo/Jenolan Caves for four days and fortunately my sister offered to animalsit, despite already dogsitting a friend’s pet and renovation on her house beginning last Friday. She […]

HouseGoesHollywood: how the stars par-tay

Wow, it was quite the week for celebrity parties. Every morning I woke up with another reason to be jealous as I read how Leo celebrated turning 39, what Anne did for her  31st (OK, I wasn’t quite so jealous of her vegan dinner), how Robert Downey Jr threw an awesome weekend-long bash for his […]

Sandra Bullock’s thighs just keep on giving

My favourite astronaut, Chris Hadfield, has given his verdict on Sandra Bullock’s performance in Gravity during a visit to “Conan” and it was typically awesome. While he said that visually Gravity was the most realistic depictions of spacewalks ever, the scene where Sandra’s character takes off her spacesuit and floats around looking all smooth and sexy in black […]

Odd bods rule, OK?

I love that my almost 10-year-old makes balloon umbrellas, rehearses tricks for Halloween “just in case”, curls up in bed at night reading Lord of The Rings and befriends snails. I can’t think where she gets it from. I mean, I remember my dad giving a speech at my 21st birthday marvelling at my odd-bod […]

Stumbling distance

For all that I moan, I have a pretty fortunate life. On Friday I drove to the Hunter Valley with the kids to celebrate the joint birthdays of my married friends Darren & Kirsten – I was bridesmaid at their wedding – and had the most lovely weekend. Husband was left at home with “Stinky” […]

My week: vanity is a curse

As you read this I’m swanning around in the Hunter Valley celebrating a friend’s birthday. She’s hired an awesome house and invited us along for a mini party. There’s Verve and everything. Very posh. Getting here was a bit of a panic. Last week was MAD. I seriously felt a bit nervous breakdowny on Thursday […]

HouseGoesHollywood: 6 extreme celebrity makeovers

Things got ugly this week in Charlie Sheen’s custody battle with his ex wife … but for me it was more about seeing sooooo many stars sporting extreme makeovers. Check out all my favourite Hollywood stories here … >> Blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson, known not only for her va-va-voom curves, but her long platinum mane, is […]