Dog tired

When you have 5 chooks, 2 bunnies, 1 fish (vale Fishy 2) and 1 puppy, going away for the weekend gets a little tricky.

We were off to Dubbo/Jenolan Caves for four days and fortunately my sister offered to animalsit, despite already dogsitting a friend’s pet and renovation on her house beginning last Friday.

She is a champion. And a minx.

Because she stole Charlie’s heart. He did not want to come home yesterday. The wails! The heartbreak!

Prior to our arrival, she wrote on Facebook yesterday: “Alana House you can’t have Charlie back! We are keeping him” with this pic:



And when I knocked on the door to collect him, no-one answered, despite my sister’s car being out the front and wet umbrellas on the verandah. Suspicious …

But she swears they just didn’t hear my desperate hammering.

Charlie had a brilliant time with my sister and did some champion wees on her hall runner.

He also kept her up half the night on the first day because she put him in the bathroom alone (due to the hall runner weeing thing). He howled at 11.30pm, 1.30am and 5.30am. She sounded a bit bleary on the phone the next morning. After that he slept with my sister’s dog, Sooty. And all was well in the world …


Especially since the other dog being sitted, Elliott, had appropriated Charlie’s bed …


If you look really closely you can see a tuft of Charlie poking up behind Elliott’s back, wondering WTF?

Charlie loved being part of a pack. They got to watch the bobcat at work in the backyard together …

IMG_5671 (1)

Charlie got to hump Elliott’s head whenever he liked … (no humping pic included, sorry …)


Charlie got to try scrambled eggs and barbecued chicken and now says bugger those organic crunchy things I’d been making him have morning, noon and night.

Thanks again sis.

He also wrestled with his two new buddies for hours, which meant he got VERY tired.


Often there wasn’t even time to get his whole body in bed before he passed out …


My sister says she seriously wants to keep him. No way, jose, but … I’ve asked if she can dogsit him again when we go on hols in January …

TOMORROW: (ah, the suspense!) I’ll natter about what we got up to over the weekend, including Dubbo Zoo and Jenolan Caves. Soooooo tired I went to bed at 8pm last night and crashed for 9 hours.  Still feel like the walking dead this morning. And if I never see another slice of bacon again it will be too soon.

How was your weekend?



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  1. I hear you, it’s tricky going away when you have pets. The hens can cope but our 2 dogs are more of a problem as they think they’re human. Last time we split them and farmed them out to two close friends and like Charlie, they bonded so well they didn’t really miss us…think the sleeping on beds and gourmet food had something to do with it .:)

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