The last taboo

There are lots of sucky, nasty, addictive and other generally unpleasant things about social media, but there are also times when its a winner. I love when it delivers an article into my Facebook newsfeed that contains an "aha" moment. I had one yesterday while reading an article in The Guardian called 'I miss what... Continue Reading →

Happiness or money?

I know unhappily married couples who’ve stayed together because they don't want to divvy up their assets and start over again financially later in life. While the love is gone, their coffers are full and they've made their peace with that. I understand the temptation to choose the easier life. Starting over financially is bloody... Continue Reading →

Love rat

I’ve been soooooo good on the low booze front over the past month, but I slammed a couple glasses of Peterson's Marsanne on Friday night. I was drowning my sorrows after visiting the exotic pet vet - Twitch the rat has been diagnosed with chronic respiratory disease. Sounds expensive, right? Right. But I must not... Continue Reading →

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