Moving into a new phase

I’ve spent most of the past 15 years being tortured by mother guilt … in addition to all the other types of guilt that course through my veins 24/7. I am the guilt queen. But I’m learning to put the mum version in perspective. I’ve decided my needs are allowed to come first sometimes. For […]

It never ends

I took the youngest to the opthamologist yesterday about the allergic rash inside her eyelids. It was fun and games when I tried to collect her from the school office. The receptionist stared at me in horror when I asked to sign her out. “No, you need to send a note in the morning asking […]

Belated celebration

Oooops, I totally forgot the 8th anniversary of HouseGoesHome. Wow, eight years … that’s epic. I only remembered the milestone because I was having writer’s block about a topic for today’s post. I was searching around in the archives for inspiration when I suddenly spotted that HouseGoesHome had its first-ever post on July 28, 2011. […]

Knocked off kilter

I still don’t understand why I got so upset about what I’m about to tell you. Maybe the telling will help explain it. I went to DD’s house on Sunday night to cook him bubble and squeak risoni with the leftovers from his Saturday roast. I returned home at 10.15pm to find my front screen […]

There’s a problem for you

My least favourite phrase EVER in the history of phrases is “first world problems”. It’s been bandied around a lot when it comes to a new Aussie movie I saw on Saturday called Palm Beach. I’m not entirely sure what sort of problems first world people are supposed to have, as they can’t suffer third […]

Who’s your daddy?

DD has become a bourbon fan in recent times, so when I got invited to the launch of Master’s Keep Revival I was very excited … until I saw I was supposed to bring my dad as my plus one. That’s because the event was meant to “celebrate the family legacy of Master Distillers, Jimmy […]

Last-minute panic

Oooooooh I was tired yesterday – Tuesday night was a bit of a killer in the Household. Who’d have guessed that prepping for a school ski trip would be so intense? I finally stormed out of my bed at 10.45pm and demanded the youngest STOP PACKING AND GO TO BED. I mean FFS, she was […]

That makes no sense

The cranky youngest arrived on my doorstep yesterday morning, complaining her dad didn’t have anything suitable for her lunchbag at his place. She expected me to solve the problem out of my fridge or pantry. Not a simple task as the youngest is currently sugar and dairy free – through choice, not allergy issues. She reads […]

The things we remember

I have the WORST memory. It is absolutely terrible. My brain immediately erases every bit of information it decides it won’t need in the future. Sometimes it makes a mistake and ditches stuff I do need, like when I run into someone who appears to know me really well and I have no frigging clue […]

Avoiding disaster

It was my spunky DD’s birthday yesterday. We won’t say which one, he’s a bit bleak about his encroaching old age. Finding time to celebrate around our single parenting responsibilities is always a bit tricky, so we staged a two-parter. On Saturday, I popped up to his place for a swim in the surf, followed […]