Nothing happened

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but nothing happened yesterday.

Well, stuff happened, but none of it was extreme or life threatening or traumatic.

I take that back … I found a rat corpse in the dogs’ bed. That wasn’t totes awesome. But it was mummified – gawd knows where it had been – which meant it wasn’t smelly and was also super-easy to scoop up and deposit in the wheelie bin.

My ex arrived a few minutes after its disposal. He was dropping off the youngest and chucked some rubbish from his car into my bin. He wanted to know if it was Twitch. Nope, the asthmatic ratty is still alive and well and sipping expensive antibiotic cocktails in her Taj Mahal of cages.

Improvements have also been made to Twitch’s diet, as the vet said she wasn’t getting enough protein and vitamins. Monday night’s dinner was grilled salmon with a side salad. Posh rat nosh.

Anyways … the rest of yesterday was spent madly typing at my desk because the Australian Drinks Awards are coming up on Thursday night and I need to have two electronic newsletters ready to go out on Friday morning – one at 6.30am and one at 8am.

I expect I’ll be up until quite late finishing those off post-ceremony, no after-party for me.

Then I did the skipping pick-up, cooked a quick roast for dinner and worked on a little house plan sketching before bedtime.

I am OBSESSED with floor plan sketching. I haven’t done it for a few years because it seemed pointless due to my constrained financial situation.

But it’s bugging me that I still have French doors and no deck, just a 1.5m drop.

Over the years I’ve self-designed the renovations of five properties. And in between I’ve fiddled with the floor plans of the 50 million open houses I’ve visited.

I specialise in working within the existing floor space of a house as much as possible and keeping costs to the bare minimum, while delivering maximum bang for buck.

It’s really paid off a couple of times – I almost doubled my money on a house in Petersham and an apartment in Bondi many moons ago.

My latest plan is a bit crazy and involves putting back all the walls I took out a few years ago. Slightly daft, but it makes sense in the grand plan I’ve concocted.

Financing it remains a bit of an issue as I am literally penniless after forking out for braces and gas leaks and adenoid removals.

But if my sister wins the lottery (since I keep forgetting to buy tickets) I’m convinced my renovation plan is insanely good – it even has a granny flat component that could rescue me from penury.

How nice would being rescued from penury be?

Sooooo nice. As would living in a fully renovated house with a sparkling new bathroom.

A girl’s gotta dream.

Song of the day: Eurythmics “Sweet dreams”

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