She’ll be right, mate

Sorry if I worried you yesterday. I was being a bit of a drama queen. But thank you to everyone who touched base. I got myself trapped in a negative loop. Once you become an anxious mouse skittering frenetically on the treadmill of life it can be a bit hard to get off and take […]

Resilience is in the soul

I didn’t want to go out last night. I wanted to curl up on the couch and mope. But I had to attend a work function at a nightclub called Slide on Oxford Street in Darlinghurst. I felt far too old and tired and emotional to be going to a nightclub called Slide on a […]

It’s getting old

I got my hair cut heaps shorter yesterday. I’d let it grow all long and blah. It was making me feel all long (in the tooth) and blah. Well, that and five hundred million other things. Fecking life as a fecking single almost-50 mum is fecking challenging sometimes. Especially if your hair is the wrong length, that […]

My weirdo heart

The youngest was at a sleepover party last night, so I made the eldest watch “The Breakfast Club” with me. I should have been connecting with her, as it’s our second last night together of my holidays, but I was cactus from a week of not sleeping properly (I keep waking in the middle of […]

The not-so-blissful bits

Confession: the first few days of Bluesfest kinda freaked me out. You probably weren’t given that impression by my last blog post, which goes to show the deceptive power of social media. I didn’t lie yesterday, but I didn’t tell the whole truth. The whole truth is that some aspects of Bluesfest were challenging: the […]

Blissing out at Bluesfest 2017

There have been soooooo many new and wonderful experiences in my life over the past three years. Bluesfest 2017 was yet another lucky me!!!! addition. DD and I nabbed early bird tickets to Bluesfest almost a year ago, before the artists were announced, then sat back with our fingers crossed, waiting to see who would […]

Not as sexy as it sounds

T-boning a South American backpacker on The Coast Road sounds like the plot of a dodgy porn movie or the start of a bad joke. Unfortunately it’s a car accident that happened on Easter Saturday after I went for a swim at Angels Beach near Ballina. T-boning a South American backpacker – called Macarena, I […]

I’m outta here

I’ve decided it’s time for a blogging break. It’s been a frantic first term shepherding two kids through school and their various extra-curricular activities while also working full time and dealing with other blerky stuff we can only talk about in person over a glass of Chardy. I’m feeling a bit threadbare. So, since the […]

The stories I don’t tell

I know it doesn’t seem quite possible that the Queen of TMI could have any secrets she hasn’t shared, but there are some things I decide shouldn’t blog about because they’re not mine to tell or they’re a bit too … much One of the “too much” ones occurred this week and involved my nether […]