I’m outta here

I’ve decided it’s time for a blogging break.

It’s been a frantic first term shepherding two kids through school and their various extra-curricular activities while also working full time and dealing with other blerky stuff we can only talk about in person over a glass of Chardy.

I’m feeling a bit threadbare.

So, since the girls are spending some holiday time with their cousins, I’m going to ease my foot off the life accelerator.

I’m also a bit over the real world right now, what with North Korea and Russia threatening World War 3, United Airlines having innocent passengers dragged off planes so violently they’re bloodied and bruised (then the media thinking it’s OK to victim blame the poor bloke for his “dark past”), and platypuses being decapitated in Albury. Just to name a few recent shockers …

Far OUT, what a horror story!

So I’m going to spend a bit of time communing with my favourite place, the ocean, having a few relaxed vinos, reading books and listening to music.

I’ll probably be back at the keyboard next week, maybe Wednesday.

Have the most awesome time with family or friends or both or neither over Easter.

Song of the day: Madonna “Holiday”


5 thoughts on “I’m outta here

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  1. Bugger me I thought you were leaving for good. I find it impossible to blog in the school hols. Enjoy the beautiful ocean xx

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