Thinking the worst

Two weekends down, three to go in my five-weekends-in-a-row mothering marathon. My married friends are non-plussed when I mutter about having the kids for five weekends because they have theirs 52 weekends in a row. And I really wouldn’t mind too much – I love having them around – except it means I get virtually […]

I deserve it

What role does music play in your life? During my marriage, it lay a little fallow: my ex was the aficionado, so I left the soundtrack to him. When he was gone, music played a huge part in my recovery. When I was low, I would turn the CD player up high. I dug out […]

Not pretty enough

I went to see I Feel Pretty yesterday with the youngest. Yeah, I dunno whether that’s poor parenting … probably. But she was mad keen. Sitting there as the final credits rolled, we both agreed it wasn’t as funny as we were expecting. It was kinda good, but not great. I’ve since read lots of […]

That was a bit slack

Did you go to the Dawn Service? The youngest was invited to a sleepover and visit to the local Dawn Service, where her skipping club were laying a book in lieu of a wreath. At least two other Team Teal members went. I selfishly said no. I’ve spent the whole school holidays working while the […]

The person you should tell

When a relationship ends, one half of the couple is often blindsided. The other person has known for a long time that they want to get out. They’ve spent many months angsting over it and confiding to people how unhappy they are. But the one person they haven’t discussed it with is the most important […]

Sneaking in the special moments

My new life may sometimes overwhelm me with its challenges, but there are so many moments that fill my heart with joy. And last Friday morning was one of them. I stood on the headland at Avalon, sipping a strong flat white from a converted Kombi coffee van with DD, watching the sun rise. Geez […]

Open for inspection

I’m having a few friends over tonight for nibbles and drinks to thank them for helping me decorate the bowlo for my 50th birthday party. It’s also a chance to show them the the results of decorating I’ve been doing at home. Some have never seen my place before because I’ve been too embarrassed by […]

You must be lying

It was weird reading the Facebook comments from my sister and her bestie on my blog post yesterday, following our dinner together on Tuesday night. I’d been torturing myself for talking too much – as usual – and not listening enough – as usual – and bemoaning what I terrible dinner guest I’d been … […]

It just keeps on giving

I got invited to dinner at my sister’s place last night. Except she was away in Dubbo at a family function with her husband and son. The invite came from her best friend, who I hadn’t realised was housesitting. I’d forgotten my sister was away when the invite arrived on Messenger. I just thought it […]

How did THAT get in there?

My Renault – aka The Orange Lemon – went to the workshop yesterday after the “Top Up Oil Levels” warning light came on YET AGAIN. The interior of the car usually looks like Tempe Tip, so I scuttled out early in the morning with a garbage bag to clear the mess. And I discovered the […]