Thinking the worst

Two weekends down, three to go in my five-weekends-in-a-row mothering marathon.

My married friends are non-plussed when I mutter about having the kids for five weekends because they have theirs 52 weekends in a row.

And I really wouldn’t mind too much – I love having them around – except it means I get virtually no time alone with DD.

I would really, really like some quality time with DD. Sure, we can see each other with our various kids in tow, but it’s not quite the same as having some one-on-one.

I realised yesterday we will have zero opportunity next weekend because it’s the State Skipping Championships.

The weekend after will be Mother’s Day … which would normally be my ex’s weekend with the kids, but since it’s always a big occasion for my family, I’ve requested to have them.

And then it’s my weekend again, so we can finally get ourselves back in sync with his girlfriend’s kid-free weekends.

I’m a little frustrated that my ex doesn’t “get it” either because he lives with his girlfriend, which provides ample opportunity for one-on-one every day of the week …

Anyways, that’s not really explaining the blog title.

I bought a little portable CD player yesterday to replace my 20-year-old JVC one that’s getting a bit fritzy and takes up too much space on the brekkie bar.

The eldest has been trawling through council throw-out piles in the surrounding streets in search of treasures and came home with a stack of CDs from the last adventure, including The Dead Kennedys and Powderfinger.

So I opened the eldest’s bedroom door to pop the JVC on the desk as a pressie … and recoiled at the stench of smoke … and panicked that the eldest had secretly been fagging away in there.

I was totally BESIDE myself.

The eldest was out and unavailable for confrontation. When I got back later in the afternoon from dropping the youngest to skipping training, the delighted eldest had Powderfinger playing at 5000 decibels and cheerfully announced they’d just finished tidying their bedroom.

That stopped me in my tracks. My mouth dropped open. Whoah … what?

Yup, made the bed and everything.

And they hadn’t been smoking. They’d just been bored late at night and decided to burn some paper. Erm, slightly less horrifying than smoking but perhaps not entirely the most fabulous idea.

I’ve suggested not setting things on fire in the bedroom in future, be it cigarettes or paper, would be preferable in the future.

I’m still in a bit of shock about the tidying.

In other fun weekend news, I introduced the youngest to Footloose on Saturday. She was awed by Kevin’s moves in “Never” (I’d completely forgotten it was an Aussie song) …

I didn’t have the heart to tell her there’s this thing called “stunt doubles” …

She was particularly impressed that he could still do aerials 30 years later on Jimmy Fallon …


My gawd I love that reboot! Kev is such a good sport! And still so hawt!

I’ve decided the youngest really needs to see my other favourite musical – Can’t Stop The Music – but for some strange reason they don’t stock it at my local JB Hi-Fi … what’s THAT all about?

I have it on video, but my VHS player is broken.

I showed her the final scene on YouTube after Footloose and told her I was madly in love with the cowboy when I was her age … and had no idea The Village People were gay. Actually, I had no idea what “gay” was when I was her age. I led a very sheltered Adamstown Heights life.

She stared at me like I’d officially lost my marbles.

I adored that movie … and Randy the Cowboy. Randy was my first crush, closely followed by Kevin Bacon and Neil Finn … I may have made her watch I Got You as well …

She couldn’t see the attraction in ANY of the men that once made my heart beat so fast.

Any heart racing moments in your weekend?

Song of the day: The Village People “You can’t stop the music”

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  1. Just a note for people saying they parent every weekend. How many of them have a partner to help with all the running around parenting requires on a day to day basis. Even having another adult in the house to relieve frustrations to.
    Being a single parent sucks for alot of reasons & parents in relationships just dont get the extra stress. Even now that i have a partner, him not being the kids dad at 1st was difficult.
    Now that he is their only dad, its a bit easier. But as he doesnt drive, that still puts me in the spot of having to have 2 kids in 2 different sububs training 2 different sports at the same time… 5am in my joint sucks – drop 1 to 1 pool, then the other to a different pool in a different suburb. In newy, thats not too much of an issue, but in sydney that would suck giant donkey balls.

    1. Yeah, I agree Megz. It also means people wanting to catch up socially when you’re trying to ferry two kids home from sporting activities at night and feed them is more stressful than enjoyable.

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