Whatever floats your boat

When I shop these days its usually for the kids, so I was stoked to buy myself a frock yesterday.

I used a DJs gift card that my dear friends Nic and Orsola gave me for my birthday.

I love my new frock, but geez it was a struggle to find something. Winter clothes are sooooooo dull. All those blacks and maroons and greys. Everything looks so boring and samey. Blergh.

And anything patterned is invariably made from a stiff synthetic fabric. Double blergh.

I finally found a soft, frilly dress with short sleeves … not entirely practical in the week that autumn begins to bite. But I felt really nice when I looked at myself in the changeroom mirror. Hopefully that feeling returns when I try it on at home.

(Don’t worry about how short it is, I’ll be wearing it with leggings … fingers crossed I don’t look too muttony.)

My dislike of winter clothes also affects the timing of my holidays.

The youngest and I are thinking about going to Hawaii, but I’ve declared it must be when summer clothes are on the racks and American school holidays aren’t in full swing. That restricts us to April.

A big part of the fun in Hawaii is the shopping … and the beaches … and the balmy weather … and the food … and drinks at dusk at the Halekulani while Blue Hawaii plays and a former Miss Hawaii hula dances.

Yep, I’m talking myself into what must be my fifth visit.

It’s slightly daft when there are so many other wonderful places in the world. I’m dying to see the South Island of New Zealand, but the kids are not. I want to take them somewhere they’re excited about.

Initially the youngest wanted Fiji … purely for the Instagram moments and hair braiding. But I was a bit worried about potential boredom. The youngest doesn’t fancy reading, so what was she going to do in the middle of the day when her redhead mum was hiding in the shadows?

Then I explored the idea of a South Pacific cruise with my mum and dad. But Dad doesn’t feel confident enough about his health to commit.

So we settled on Hawaii.

And I have a year to save up – fingers crossed! Otherwise, Gold Coast here we come!

What’s your favourite family holiday destination? 

Song of the day: Jack Johnson “Breakdown”

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  1. We just had five nights at our holiday house in the Bega Valley with son (42), daughter (40) and two grandsons (8 and 5) and I am so over the family holiday. I cooked and cooked and will return this month to clean and clean. However, am off to Switzerland and northern Italy with husband early June and sooo looking forward to lunch at Isola Comacina in Lake Como….last visited in 2000. It’s a top spot.

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