I kinda jinxed it

I opened the first-ever bank account for one of my children yesterday. Milestones …

The youngest scored a job earlier this year as a skipping a coach and needed somewhere to deposit her earnings.

My ex  was initially charged with the task, but he can get a little distracted.

For example, I discovered a few years ago that you can get an $800 no-contest electronic divorce. Yasssss!

I handed him the fully prepared divorce papers, he just had to sign them, but he never got around to it.

After three months of sporadic nagging, they expired.

I really should do something about that …

I kinda jinxed the process by writing a blog post about how easy it was to get an $800 divorce on the internet … which I never got to publish because … no $800 divorce.

The eldest is also waiting, a bit like one of those skeleton memes, for him to organise a proper mobile phone plan. It’s been about a year now.

Anyways, months after tasking my ex with opening a bank account, no progress had been made. Well, he sent off some sort of paperwork, but heard nothing back and didn’t follow it up.

The youngest was becoming quite agitated about it, so I took over.

My first visit to the bank was a bust because you need the child’s photo ID. My ex had the youngest’s passport … cue another mini-palaver getting it back.

Yesterday I was victorious! If you class spending 40 minutes at a bank counter with a new employee who is battling to understand the complexities of the computer system on their second day as a victory.

I’m quite proud of the youngest for having a job so early in life. She loves it. She teaches six year olds to skip. She wants to be a school teacher when she grows up. She’ll be great at it.

The eldest wants a job too … helping out in a tattoo parlour. My ex is currently saying no way jose.

I wonder how he would have reacted if the eldest was lighting fires at his place …

Ah, the teen years!

While my ex is very open minded and metrosexual, I’ve been surprised by some slightly conservative traits he’s acquiring in his 50s.

He was such a wild boy in his youth. Maybe that’s part of it – he knows all the stuff kids can get up to during their rebellious years.

Whereas it’s sooooooo not a stretch that I was totally horrified when I thought the eldest was smoking cigarettes.

My nicknames in my youth were “Cinderella” – because I was always in bed by midnight – and “Operation Noah” – because I was stridently anti-drugs.

It really is a miracle that my ex and I were drawn to each other at all, considering how polar opposite we were in our youth.

I was also incredibly uptight about just about everything. DD reckons we would NOT have hit it off 20 years ago … While some of that rigidness remains, a lot of it has evaporated in the past four years.

I’m much more of a “why not?” than a “why?” person nowadays.

I’ve discovered it’s waaaaay more fun. Pity about all those years I spent finding excuses not to do things.

Song of the day: Nirvana “Smells like teen spirit”

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